Zara signs up to the sale online

zara Zara signs up to the sale online

Nowadays, the sale online is a fundamental part of the business of the fashionable signatures. The one that is not in Internet does not exist. That's why, the giant of the low cost fashion, Inditex, was not going to be less. Despite the reserves that the textile company was showing till now with regard to the business online, finally Inditex has decided to expand in the hand network of his principal bastion: the signature Zara.

The only incursion of the textile group of Amancio Ortega was the opening of the shop online of Zara Home, his mark of clothes and complements for the hearth, in October, 2007. Since then, Inditex was not deciding to extend his business online. Till now, that has announced the creation of a virtual shop for Zara, which will begin to sell his pledges for Internet from the next year.

Although the commercial Inditex strategy has always been that of coming to possible most of places with his shops, there are still many followers of his fashion who cannot gain access easily to them. That's why, with this initiative, the “accessible fashion” of Zara will be closer to all.

Zara will begin to sell his products for Internet coinciding with the next autumn - winter 2010 campaign. In principle, the sale online will begin in Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal, although progressively it will be introduced in all the countries in which the signature is present.

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