Maria Mare, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

mare1 Maria Mare, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

One of the Spanish signatures in major expansion of the actuality, Maria Mare, presents to us his new collection of footwear and complements for the next period autumn - winter 2009-2010. In this new collection we find echoes of the 80s and influence of the musical styles of the epoch, like the rock and the punk.

Modern and bold designs in which he emphasizes the combination of the black with metallized details. Also, we will be proposed of more sensual and feminine court in dark and deep tones, like the mochas, garnets and resided as well as the tones beige and camel. To keep on reading ↓

Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

xti 1 Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

The mark Xti presents his new footwear collection for the summer, and the true thing is that he emphasizes for the big shoes variety that it puts at our disposal from sandals with wedge to lounge shoes, passing for ballerinas, peep toes or thongs of flat sole. To the big models variety he is necessary to be added by the multicolored scale that Xti proposes for our feet.

Xti is a mark of juvenile footwear, easy to find and whose shoes usually give very good result. One of the advantages is that every model presents before himself in different tonalities, we being allowed to choose the pair that more we like, in the color that better combines us.

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Target and his shoes for the summer

target shoes 1 Target and his shoes for the summer

Every summer has to renew wardrobe, and, of course, worn. The problem is that we finish the summer shoes using scarcely during a pair of months, at most, three, and after next year comes, the fashions have changed. A good option if you like releasing every period, or it is of those that only they put themselves heel in few occasions, it is to be done by some of these shoes of Target. They do not have the best quality, but they are very well of price.

The Target catalog for this period presents several models with heel of dizziness and platform, but the signature of low cost also bets for the flat soles in designs much on the fashion, which rare will be that they cost us more than 30 euros.

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The complements of “Sex in New York”

untitled4 The Sex complements in New York

The adventures of four neoyorkinas about the sex and the love has turned into an important point of references to many women. From his beginning the protagonists were evolving and with it his wardrobe. The producers of the series realized that the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, was creating tendency and wanted to make use of the lode.

Many of us we were living through love stories parallel to those of some of the protagonists and were comparing. In every group of friends that boasts, there is a Charlotte, a Samantha, an Elevated place and a Carrie because we all are different and live of different way through every moment or through situation. Nevertheless, it is this what joins us more and that we accept to ourselves with our virtues and our defects. To keep on reading ↓

Privalia attacks the closet of the famous ones for solidarity

privalia1 Privalia attacks the closet of the famous ones for solidarity

It is always good to help to more you need and more in crisis times. Privalia in collaboration with the Foundation Article 1 has decided to organize a charitable auction with special or important objects for some of our famous persons.

If you like the clothes of this On-line shop, you are of congratulations because “the asaltarmariosof Privalia will be who gives him the approval to the pledge of our stars. We will be able to see every chapter in Internet, it is like a series split into small chapters. The idea is that week a week we see the one who is the famous person who changes something that takes a special meaning as a T-shirt of the campaign I = You. To keep on reading ↓

It fills your animals closet with Gommini de Tod's

gommini limited edition fringe sari1 It Fills your animals closet with Gommini de Tod's

Tod's is a mark known by all by his classic moccasins with sole of gum. We have seen them thousand times in many colors. Every summer the streets fill with these shoes, since they are very comfortable and easy to combine with the clothes.

In the next summer period Tod's he has bet for a model of classic design although with a few surprising patterns that have conquered many famous persons. The Gommini are the classic moccasins with animal patterns. The complements signature knows the great thing that the animal skins take, so in a sure bet, it has lined the shoes of zebra, tiger, zebra and snake in gray. To keep on reading ↓

Sandals of Balmain. A sure bet for the spring

image 33 Sandals of Balmain. A sure bet for the spring

The French house Balmain rocker proposes a look much for the most bold. To the purest style Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, these sandals Balenciaga are a sure bet for the most chic nights.

The wild spirit remains clear in the strips of leather and the tacks of this one sandals. And the fact is that the woman Balmain of this Spring is a sure woman if the same that it combines the shoes of 800 € with the pants denim worn-out and carefully broken or with a mini-skirt and leggins of spangles. Do not they seem incredible to you?

But do not worry, because if the heel is the only thing that prevents you from having these sandals, also you can find a few real steelyards completely flat, that is to say. Do you dare to see them? To keep on reading ↓

Geox full of color your feet this spring

image 4 Geox fills with color your feet this spring

The innovative mark Geox, known by his spectacular technology transpirable, proposes for the woman a collection coloring and entertaining where the design is not scolded by the serviceability.

In acidic colors like orange perfect, yellow one, red intense one or violet for Holy Week, the shoes of this period leave the cold winter and dare with the designs more "it" of the period. Ballerinas, wedge shoes with metallic revetment or with a sensual heel that they will raise to you not only to the heights, but also they will do it to a world where the serviceability allied principal it is you who will be.

Also, if this was small, the Geox shoes incorporate like good you know the technology transpirable, also incorporated in these shoes that will make you forget the high summer temperatures.

The footbridge in the streets of Milan

milan The footbridge in the streets of Milan

These we have been commenting on some of the parades of the designers most known about the planet, like that of Versace, for it it is time for we to speak about the people of the street with proper style. The people who is guided by what the designers show in the footbridges and are capable of contributing personality to the tendencies. To continue the fashion does not mean to stop being you.

This girl was walking along Milan when they did a photo to him, so that his wardrobe was remaining immortalized. A serious look although with a small self-assurance touch. Probably there was going to work for it the election of the gray jumper, it will be always adapted to come to the office or a meeting. Nevertheless, the drawstrings shoes in bottle-green with a pattern in apple green pictures it turns his outfit into a whole look, super elegance.
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