Victoria Beckham poses for the magazine elle

Image 9 Victoria Beckham poses for the magazine elle

This way of divine Victoria Beckham poses for the front of September of the fashionable magazine elle in the United Kingdom. The ex-singer, who is immersed in the promotion of his new line of garments, flirts with the designs of others in one of the most looked fronts of the moment.

With a look of beginning of century, very similar to that of Security Von Tesse, Victory appears sensual, sexy and very feminine, knocked down "comfortably" in what it looks like a swimming pool springboard. I love! As well as of walking on house. Commode first of all. With averages and garter belt, taconazos and a smock / jacket with belt to the waist and pattern of zebra. To keep on reading ↓

Katie Holmes also points to design fashion to herself

katiek Katie Holmes also points to design fashion to herself

That Katie Holmes is a clone's species of his amiguísima Victoria Beckham is not any secret. Since the actress married Tom Cruise and the couple began his friendship with Beckham, Katie's style has changed completely. First was his way of dressing, more and more influenced by ex-Spice, then his change of hairstyle, also to Victory imitation, and now it is his incursion in the fashionable design.

Katie wants to demonstrate his worth like designer, and that's why last year has passed creating a clothes collection along with his habitual stylist, Jeanne Yang. Apparently, the idea arose from a conversation between both, when they concluded that they were unable to find clothes with style for his daughters. Thus Holmes and Yang began to design infantile pledges for his kidlings, and the idea grew up to turning into a more finished collection. To keep on reading ↓

Victoria Beckham will go out in “Sex in New York”

victory worse beckham body Victoria Beckham will go out in Sex in New York

If there is someone who deserves to compete like “icon of the fashion” with idolized Sarah Jessica Parker, this is Victoria Beckham. And although this time will be in the second delivery in movies of the series a Sex in New York, the singer, designer and wife of David Beckham, there will compete in modelitos with the alter ego of Parker, the journalist Carrie Bradshaw.

We know little about the role that the Briton will redeem in the new delivery of the movie, although we can confirm that it has already begun to take classes of interpretation. And the truth is that it him will not go badly at all. His “jump”, or rather to the gap, it went to the movies of the hand of Spice Girls with the movie Spiceworld: The Movie in which we saw a slightly dumb Victoría Beckham.

It is not the first time that we hear that Victory is going to take part in Sex in New York, since in the first part of the movie, it had to reject the offer due to the commitments of the singer with the tour back of Spice Girls. Let's hope that this one time should learn to interpret really and should leave us with good mouth flavor, as it always does with the advertizing and publishing campaigns that it leads.

Beckham as image of Armani Underwear

a1 Beckham as image of Armani Underwear

The couple of celebrities formed by the soccer player David Beckham, and his wife, ex-Spice Victoria, has been taken by them the pleasure to this of posing in underwear. For the second consecutive time, the marriage gives his image for the advertizing campaign of Armani Underwear, the line of underwear of the Italian signature.

Beckham, big friends of Giorgio Armani, they have not wanted to lose the occasion to pose again for the designer, who proves to be the proudest of the campaign. “David is the height of the style”, affirms satisfied the couturier. To keep on reading ↓

Victoria Beckam repeats like image of Center Armani Underwear

victo Victoria Beckam repeats like image of Center Armani Underwear

Ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckam will give his image again for the line of underwear of Armani, ‘Center Armani Underwear’. Victory pleased with the experience of 2008, when it led a sensual campaign along with his husband, the soccer player David Beckam, has collaborated again with Giorgio Armani, one of his favorite designers.

The singer has "undressed" for the new campaign of autumn - winter 2009-2010 of the collection 'underwear'. A publicity, in which following the tendency of the signature, Victory shows his most sensual side. To keep on reading ↓

Without a hat you will not be anybody this spring

som Without a hat you will not be anybody this spring

Last summer we begin to see the hat in the head of more fashionistas. This complement will turn in spring / summer 2009 the fundamental complement. If you want to be respected between understood of the fashion you will have to do with a masculine hat, you will be able to show it in the beach, taking a Coca-Cola in a snack bar of the city or of buys. To keep on reading ↓

The Longchamp cosmos triumphs between the famous ones

cosmos The Longchamp cosmos triumphs between the famous ones

Every period the stars of another side of the puddle we surprise with a model of new purse that it will turn in most wished of the year. Of course there are mark purses with a few exhorbitant prices. The famous ones are the best shop windows, nothing like giving him a copy of the new model to Kate Moss or Gisele Bündchen so that the rest of the women - fronts wants it.

Longchamp has triumphed with his new creation to which it has called Cosmos. We can find it in diverse colors and materials, from skin even finished in astrakhan. It is a purse thought for a modern woman who spends a lot of time to herself out of house, a purse of 24 hours. Practical, with style and cosmopolitan (as his name indicates). To keep on reading ↓

Victoria Beckham dressed in Loewe

1g 6 Victoria Beckham dressed in Loewe

This way simple turned out to be Mrs. Victoria Beckham in the airport of Los Angeles. So that then they say that it is necessary to travel with comfortable clothes. Although by all it is known that the queen of the street footbridge takes the ropita from herself as soon as it rises to the plane and fantastic pajamas put themselves.

Leaving aside the serviceability of the design, what if that I would like pointing it is that 100 % was taking an outfit Spanish. Our most international signature, Loewe, was the manager of dressing in a gray color steel steel.

With a wonderful trench of military court and before, the most glamorous Briton of the planet walked his palm heart accompanied by a beautiful cap created by Loewe and inspired by the military esthetics. The whole wise move in fashion design.

Victoria Beckham Collection in the New York Fashion Week

image 41 533x400 Victoria Beckham Collection in the New York Fashion Week

Miss Victoria Beckham “has designed” a collection in which he proposes the woman high class to take all the garments that exist in his closet. Because, although we have to admit that they are impressive and very elegant, they are more seen than the tebeo. Or you does not sound to have seen it with all this put?

A collection in which the wealth of the materials and the simplicity of the designs is the maxim. A very varied chromatic scale that goes from showy red or fuchsia, up to the black and white outstanding figures. That without forgetting the brocades and the tacks. Elegance and sophistication for an oclección in which, being realists, the best model is his creator. Big Victoria Beckham. To keep on reading ↓

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