Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

adr Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

One of the biggest problems that we are at the time of traveling is to organize our vanity case with the beauty products that we need for our daily routine. If we are going to fly in plane, the restrictions imposed in the hand luggage do that we have to put special care with the packings that we take.

Also, whenever we prepare to pack the suitcase we meet the same problem: the absence of space. That's why, every time there are more the marks of cosmetics and perfumery that throw special formats of his products to be able to travel without problems and kits of trip with commodities. One of them is Adolfo Domínguez, who has created a special edition of trips of his fragrances. To keep on reading ↓

Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

havaianas Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

The thongs seem to be the best summer allied ones, since they are fresh, comfortable and much adapted to walk along the sand of the beach if suddenly it is worn across his chest. But expert podiatrists warn of the damages that they can go so far as to cause us.

Be already havaianas or sandals without sujección in the heel, gait with this type of footwear supposes an important risk for our feet, since to prevent from going out shot to the gait, involuntarily we tend to hold them adopting a position in the shape of claw with the fingers of the feet, and that can have very bad consequences.

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Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

xti 1 Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

The mark Xti presents his new footwear collection for the summer, and the true thing is that he emphasizes for the big shoes variety that it puts at our disposal from sandals with wedge to lounge shoes, passing for ballerinas, peep toes or thongs of flat sole. To the big models variety he is necessary to be added by the multicolored scale that Xti proposes for our feet.

Xti is a mark of juvenile footwear, easy to find and whose shoes usually give very good result. One of the advantages is that every model presents before himself in different tonalities, we being allowed to choose the pair that more we like, in the color that better combines us.

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They invent a swimsuit that allows to spend the sun

swimsuit the sun They Invent a swimsuit that allows to spend the sun

It is already not necessary to dare with the nudism, do not even do not even to surrender to endless beams meetings GRAPE to shine nicely tanned integrally, because finally the swim suit of the future has come: a swimsuit that allows to spend the beams of the sun and that allows us to put ourselves morenitas, without marks, without top less, without foul-ups. Hallelujah!

One treats his thousands of microscopic holes as pledges of bath, impenetrable to the human eye, made of a special textile that allows the filtration of the beams GRAPE, thank you. These amazing swim suits are already to the sale in the web Kinini, and at very, very accessible prices. Double hallelujah!

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New collection of bath of Handle

mangobano0902 New collection of bath of Handle

One of the fashionable Spanish marks with more success is a Handle. Well considered by his public, with special collections for his most faithful clients, in addition to the collaboration of big stars in the creation of your own line for the mark.

In the previous years we could have seen some fashionable bath samples, nevertheless, for the first time Handle throws a collection of clothes of bath. A romantic air in clear colors as the beige, the coral, the blue and some touch in black. To keep on reading ↓

The linen tendencies for this summer

oysho The linen tendencies for this summer

The underwear, as our external look, changes with the stations and with the different climates. Before the imminent arrival of the summer epoch, the tendencies in linen adapt themselves to the warm climate, with proposals in which they give priority to the elegance, the serviceability and the sensuality.

For the summer period, the maximum exponent in underwear is the white and black binomial, both in the most sophisticated proposals and in the most informal and most juvenile. The sets of classic design or of seaworthy air will be a basic one for this period. To keep on reading ↓

CK One Summer, of Calvin Klein, for the summer

ck one summer CK One Summer, of Calvin Klein, for the summer

The new version comes 2009 of the fragrance of Calvin Klein CK One Summer, a diversification of CK more fresh and soft One for the summer, without alcohol in his composition, preventing burns from being able to take place, eritema or dermatitis for the exhibition to the sun of the parts of the body that we have perfumed ourselves.

In the summer it is convenient to avoid the very intense perfumes or the overloaded fragrances, it is better to use a light aroma, which does not annoy the one that we have nearby in a sunny day. The marks bet for this season for fruit-bearing aromas or fragrances that resemble the fresh flowers.

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Bodysigns, the last thing in partial acquittance accessories and set

bodysigns 5 Bodysigns, the last thing in partial acquittance accessories and set

The heat comes, and with him we open the necklines to ourselves and pull out the legs. Our body presents itself as a linen: how to do to adorn this summer? The proposal is bold: Bodysigns, adornments - stickers, of all the forms and colors. This bodypainting luck turns out to be an entertaining and original complement that resembles not permanent tattooes, like the realized ones in henna.

The bodysigns are done of flexible gel and stick to the body after preparing the skin with a little of moisturizer. The German designer Beate Schöndienst does them to hand, by what the only design is guaranteed. You can obtain them across his official web.

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The electrical blue your best friend this summer

jennifermorrison The electrical blue your best friend this summer

The electrical blue has turned into the color preferred for summer. It does some time that the head began putting out for the door of the fashion, although it did not go out strongly. Little by little he has managed to settle strongly in all the shelves of the fashionable shops, thanks to his evolutionary appearance. To keep on reading ↓

The ice cream helps to slim

frozen The ice cream helps to slim

Girls I have a very good news, the ice cream does not have because diet is removed from the word. It is impressive, they us want to go crazy. All our life avoiding our favorite meals, like the chocolate or the ice creams so that now two shift students come and say to us, more or less, with other words, that we have done the idiot for the long time.

A few weeks ago it was telling you that the diet of the chocolate existed, I am sure that while you were reading them a smirk was going out for you in her facing the greediest. Now an American study makes sure us that it is demonstrated that the ice cream consumption helps to lose weight, strengthen the osseous mass, burn fats, regulate the arterial tension, prepare the stones in the kidney and even revitalize the immune system. To keep on reading ↓

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