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Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

w1 Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

The spirit of the eighties is more present that never, and one of his pledges icónicas, the leggins, there will be one ‘must have’ of this period. Far from losing force, this autumn the leggins will be the pledge protagonist, as the principal designers have already anticipated us in his collections, or the fashionable signatures ‘low cost’.

This autumn - winter, the leggins will gain leading role, and there will no be already mere complements to go below garments and skirts. The leggins will be shown in all his splendor, as if there were pants, and will present before themselves in a wide variety of textiles, forms and patterns. The models will cause fury to the purest punk style ochentero of leather aspect, like the black with zippers who proposes Tezenis to us, or with tacks in the low part, like that of Target. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

ve1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

The Film festival of Venice has closed his doors this year. Nevertheless, last hours of the Mostra have left to us some look that deserves to be out-standing. Till now, the big stars shone for his absence, except the few exceptions of Eva Mendes, Tilda Swinton and George Clooney, with accompanist incluída. Nevertheless, the last premieres day in the festival congregated to two glamorous actresses on the red carpet: Diane Kruger y Julianne Moore. Only with his presence, the style level rose sky high.

The German, how always impeccable actress, bet for the “whole black” in his fashion designs, although with very notable differences. For the morning photos meeting, Diane Kruger chose a look rocker, a little black dress, with court in the shoulder and boots of See by Chloe. To keep on reading ↓

These crazy years 20

b1 These crazy years 20

A sure bet to obtain an elegant and sophisticated look, both for the day and for the night, is to be inspired in the style of the 20s. The epoch of the night holidays, the cabaret, the wild consumerism and especially, the point of blast-off of the high fashion. “The félices years 20 ″ saw like for the first time a woman, Coco Chanel, it was changing forever the history of the fashion.

The pledges of this epoch are characterized for marking the feminine silhouette, and incorporating details of the masculine style, something up to this unthinkable moment. If you want to obtain a look years 20, the principal premise is: the movement over everything. A short frills garment, to the purest style jazz, like this one of Gina Kim, is always a sure bet. He tries to accompany it on a few bold sandals like those of Jour&Nuit, or on a more sober footwear, how are you ballerinas with wedge. To keep on reading ↓

This period triumphs the style “Like to man

l1 This period triumphs the style Like to man

This autumn the masculine style will be everywhere: From the jeans boyfriend, up to the shirts oversized happening for the blazers, and why not, even the footwear. Everything what seems bulging of the closet of your boy is a tendency. Sign up to the style “Like to man, and this period you will go out victorious.

The vests of masculine air will be one ‘must have’ of this autumn. A buttoned black vest type tuxedo will give you infinite possibilities, like this one of Etxart and Panno, which takes a brooch of flower as feminine detail. Other one of the essential pledges of the period will be the blazer masculine, that takes with hems at a height of the elbows to give him a more chic air. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (II)

z1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (II)

The city of the channels keeps on receiving personalities of the celluloid and the spectacle that come to the Mostra of Movies. Although the equator of the festival has already passed, the big stars continue without giving signs of life, and we have to be content with the glamor wasted by Eva Mendes or the presence always outstanding of the big actress Tilda Swinton.

The Briton made again a show of his impeccable style, betting again for looks night dews with certain ambiguous air. For his first day in the festival, Tilda Swinton trusted in one of his favorite designers: Jil Sander. Absolute target in both cases, with a suit pants for the morning and a simple garment at a height of the knee, in this occasion combined with a few original black shoes. To keep on reading ↓

Mojito Brown Chief, the summer fashion

mojito 344x350 Brown Mojito Cacique, the summer fashion

This summer the fashionable drink has been such a famous Mojito. And now with new Brown Mojito Cacique, Chief it makes it very easy to you. Only you have to have at home a little of mint, ices, lime and some brown sugar, Chief puts the rest with his new bottle of Brown, ideal Mojito Cacique for these summer evenings - nights in those that the heat presses, and the best refreshing one is a good Mojito.

In Fashion for Woman we have proved it, and want to share our experience with you. Have you proved this summer the Mojito chief Moreno? If not, now you can still obtain it completely free only for registaros in his web, it is a promotion that Chief is doing so that you do not remain without proving this authentic Brown Mojito Cacique.

With this kit of Brown Mojito Cacique you will be able to prepare your best mojitos as if you were a professional bartender, since it includes everything, your bottle of Brown Mojito Cacique, 12 glasses to prepare your mojitos, an ice-tray with tweezers, and a table with a knife so that you could cut the lime and the mint you also can be the best coctelero of the blogosfera.

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

The channels of Venice adorn themselves to receive one of the most important cinematographic events of the year: the Mostra of Venice. The film festival celebrates this year his 66 edition and promises to be one of the most glamorous of last years. Venice has inaugurated his red carpet, for which we will see happening in the next days many of the celebrities of the moment.

The opening day was marked by the stellar presence of impressive Eva Mendes. It was the star most waited of the night and he did not defraud in his arrival to the red carpet. The Latin actress bet for a look of the showiest and sensual thing, a red garment of gauze with neckline word of honor of pattern of leopard. A risky election, although she can allow it to herself. As complement of this design of Dolce and Gabanna, Eva chose a few black peep toes, and to complete the look, the actress gathered his hair with a nice black diadem. To keep on reading ↓

Massimo Dutti: Collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

md1 Massimo Dutti: Collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

This period, the signature Massimo Dutti proposes to us a look in which the basic ones are re-interpreted in contemporary key, combining the most sober pieces with others with an adventurousness point. The style Bohemian - elegance will cause fury this autumn, being inspired in the delight of the European capitals, like Paris, Bohemians' refuge. Fluid and subtle pledges with warm and comfortable textiles, to face the cold style.

The line ‘Pleases of Victories’ it consists of relaxed and delicate pledges, using materials of soft tact as the wool, the cotton and the light silk. The colors palette is content of cold tonalities as gray, stones and raw, tinted with sueves strokes of blue leaden. The neck T-shirts baker, or the braids jerseys in thick gages get together with leather pledges. To keep on reading ↓

Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

lo1 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

If you had not found out, the fashion of the eighties will give loudly this period. The fashionable tendencies come and go away, and in this case, the style 80's turns with more force that never: worn-out jeans, leggings, averages of fantasy, bold minigarments and even the powerful shoulder pads. The next period, the style ochentero will flood the streets, with looks bold and inspired in the musical tendencies of the epoch, like the hip hop, the punk and pop in his most coloring slope.

If you want to go to last this period, you will have to incorporate into your closet an air minigarment 80's. Dared, of original court, in showy colors, and especially, very, very shortly. It tries with a showy pattern like that of the garment of Etxart and Panno, or with a classic color of the epoch, like the electrical blue of the model of Pepe Botella with neckline honor word. To keep on reading ↓

Who is Anna Wintour

anna wintour2 Who is Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is who moves the world of the fashion, and that is undeniable. I push his university studies back to devote itself entirely to the world of the tendencies and the design. It is possible to be said that Anna's gift at the time of creating and transforming the partial vision of the things was discovered by his father.

Born in London on November 3, 1949. Daughter of Charles Vere Wintour, publisher of the British newspaper The Evening Standard, and Eleanor Trego Baker. To keep on reading ↓

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