Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

lo1 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

If you had not found out, the fashion of the eighties will give loudly this period. The fashionable tendencies come and go away, and in this case, the style 80's turns with more force that never: worn-out jeans, leggings, averages of fantasy, bold minigarments and even the powerful shoulder pads. The next period, the style ochentero will flood the streets, with looks bold and inspired in the musical tendencies of the epoch, like the hip hop, the punk and pop in his most coloring slope.

If you want to go to last this period, you will have to incorporate into your closet an air minigarment 80's. Dared, of original court, in showy colors, and especially, very, very shortly. It tries with a showy pattern like that of the garment of Etxart and Panno, or with a classic color of the epoch, like the electrical blue of the model of Pepe Botella with neckline honor word.

lo2 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

The complements also hechan the sight behind and reeencuentran with the most original tendencies of the eighties. The spangles will cause fury this period, always in showy tones, as the gilding, silver-plating, red one, or electrical blue, like the shoes of lounge of Paco Gil Night. He bets for the sheens this period and you will go out winning. And it applies this maxim also to the sports footwear, with a pair of sneakers of strass, like those of Victory. If also you mix the brilliant textiles with animal patterns print, the purse of python of Sendra Style, the success is insured.

lo3 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

The red one and the electrical blue, in his showiest version, will be essential tones of the next period. The combinations of textiles and of colors are a sure bet, like the multicolored purse of Lodi, or the blue booties with details in lacquer. The level red one is different of the autumn 'must', elegant and sensual, like that of the sandals of Mustang with cristalitos in the strips. The bonds are another possibility in red, the perfect detail for a classic lounge shoe in black, like this model of Beverly Feldman.

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