Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

shutter shades sunglasses Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

Evidently there are no innovation, but I did not know of his existence. That's why I remained literally “a deceased“ when another day I came across with a collection of Shutter Shades, while it was going for a walk for the Track of Madrid. By chance, the boor was going accompanied by my friend, so that we had no problem in stopping opposite to the position, and between laughs, beginning to prove if these grill glasses truly remove the sun. And they do it!

The proposal looked like to us a tacky program of the most entertaining, and joking if to show or not them, we come to the conclusion that these slovenly glasses are a perfect option to protect us from the sun in the beach, because as they have no glazing, they do not get scratched, and allow, also, to bathe with them.

you give birth to magnifying glasses Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

Investigating on the topic for the Network, I have discovered that these glasses so frikis call themselves Shutter Shades, they already take at least a pair of years on the market, and that enclosed Paris Hilton has shown them in more than one occasion: We were not waiting another model for it, the truth! They are of thousand colors and forms. Someone incorporate smoked glazing, but others only base on the skill of the blind. The most entertaining!

The true thing is that, before putting yourself them, you are assaulted by the impression of which you will see the world to streaks: but not!. On having been so given to the eyes, the same effect takes place that when we take a picture across a wire fence, that the nearby thing stays out of focus and goes so far as to disappear. But these barrotitos of plastic yes that protect the eyes of the sun, since they project diverse shades that end up by being only one. Impressive!

From Fashion for Woman we raise to you the challenge of doing to you with some and of showing this veranito in the beach, they can be obtained from 3 euros, since a major investment is not necessary for an object that will attract all attention, all, and it will turn us into the focus of all the looks. Of course, the eyes, they will not see them to us.

Image: Madeinchina; Shuttershades; Celebritysunglassesfinder

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