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Summer, diets time.

suitcase bacon Summer, diets time.

The summer comes, the heat, our clothes diminish, shrink, and leave to the air our most beautiful delight …: and the lorza and the michelín! Already in spring it is opened forbids it of the diets, it is a time of “weak cows” auntoimpuesto for, cost the paradox, not to look like a fat cow despanzurrada on the sand. They are multiple “diestas miracle” that they circulate for Internet, unfortunately, I am agnostic, so that it will be necessary to begin eating healthy and balanced.

Diving for the network, in search of some curiosity related to the diets, I have met on an advertizing campaign that has no waste. I know that it is ancient, since it dates of 2007, but the fact that it was thrown by a Hindu company it makes possible that we did not know any more of one. It is the most entertaining!

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Cockies antiage

0012 Cockies antiage

The stars of the American movies are in continuous search of new products that improve his image. It is not sufficient to be thin, to have good hair and an incredible wardrobe. Also, they have to seem younger than they are. And it seems that a few cookies can help us.

Earlier it was sufficient in spite of the fact that a pair of creams put itself, the face to be cleaned well and to avoid the beams of the sun. Due to the demand for obtaining miraculous remedies that avoid the wrinkles appearance for many age that is had, novel tricks and treatments arise. To keep on reading ↓

An Israeli Spa offers massages with snakes

massage snakes 2 An Israeli Spa offers massages with snakes

There exist many types of massages and relaxing treatments, which if warm stones, water jets, wine, chocolate … But insurance that not at all like this: it is a question of massages with snakes, a proposal that they do to us in the spa Barak de Talmei Elazar, in Israel, but that at the moment does not seem to have come off in Spain.

The massage one can say that it becomes alone, since this relaxation skill consists of releasing on our body a fistful of snakes that, with his sinuous movements, caress the skin to us doing a few agreeable tickling to us: like mimitos!

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Revidox: Finally the elixir of the eternal youth!

revidox Revidox: Finally the elixir of the eternal youth!

For time it is known that from the source of the eternal youth water does not run, but wine, since the grape is rich in polyphenols and resveratrol, an antirust compound that delays the cellular aging. Well, a group of Spanish scientists has created Revidox, a few capsules in which there are concentado the favorable effects of 45 kilos of stained grape or his equivalent in wine bottles.

It is a question of a few revolutionary tablets in the field of the preventive medicine, which we can already find in the drugstores in boxes of 30 capsules at the cost of 50 euros. The compound fights the cellular aging, the stress oxidativo and it even reduces the risk of enduring cardiovascular diseases or certain types of cancer.

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Imperfect smiles: the diastema, fashionable

teeth jagger imperfect Smiles: the diastema, fashionable

If of kidling you were one of these girls who happened for the trauma of the orthodontics because you had the separated deer, probably take the hands to the head to the knowledge that has become fashionable to use orthodontics to separate the top incisors, and to create what in odontology is known like diastema.

Big public, creative figures of tendencies, like Red Madonna, Georgia Jagger, Lauren Hutton, Rain, Patricia Conde or Jorja Fox (CSI), have or have had the separated incisors and skylight, any thing that the beauties show, although it is a small defect, it becomes fashionable.

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