Sunglasses for this spring

sunglasses Sunglasses for this spring

The sunglasses are a basic one of the spring - summer period. After the reign of the glasses of style aviator (that they still take, of course), this new period we have already seen many celebrities showing like nobody his new models.

The offer for this period is enormous, so … I do not know if you will be able to remain only with some. Since it has already being normal in the last periods, the size glasses maxi keep on being the stars, and it seems that the thing is not going to change this summer.

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The spangles are the light of this summer

leggins2 The spangles are the light of this summer

Paco Rabanne surprised long ago, for the 70s more or less, with his metallic garments. There were great who tried to reach the reputation with versions of the fashion created by Rabanne. The fashion happened and these “beautiful pledges” went on to the negligence.

Along the past period we saw like the vinyl and the strass were going opening way to themselves and making itself comfortable in the closets of the most faithful followers of the last tendencies. The creators of the fashion did not want that the leggins, which obtained a sweeping success in his moment, were disappearing therefore they decided to innovate. They re-designed one of the pledges most sold in the last times using a novel material, the vinyl. To keep on reading ↓

Collection spring summer of Sfera

sfera fashion1 Collection spring summer of Sfera

The new collection of the mark Sfera proposes to us clothes based on the serviceability and the variety. To adapt itself to all the tastes, the collection splits into three different lines, one for every type of look: urban, chance fashion and fashion.

The urban line inspired by the seaworthy look, grants the leading role to the worn-out jeans, which appear in diverse forms and colors. The floral patterns, of Bohemian style they decorate the louse-fitting shirts and tops. Another fundamental pledge for this summer there are the shorts, in denim cloth or of colors. To keep on reading ↓

Collection spring summer of Top hat and Lola

top hat lola Colección spring summer of Top hat and Lola

The signature Top hat and Lola presents his new collection to us for the next period spring summer. In her we will find pledges based on the abstinence and the elegance, ideals for a woman lover of the tendencies.

The collection, alumnus Ready to wear, composes of pledges like pants, shorts, skirts and garments, without forgetting us of the exquisite line of complements, which turn into the star of the mark. To keep on reading ↓

Colonel Tapiocca: fashion for adventuresses

coronel2 Colonel Tapiocca: fashion for adventuresses

The mark Colonel Tapiocca faithful to his adventurous spirit, offers us a fashionable selection for this spring summer, formed by pledges and accessories especially thought so much to travel as for every day in the city. The collection includes an offer of garments of style sport, functional and free, that thanks to his design and the election of natural textiles, turn into the perfect ally to enjoy our free time.

The collection might split into three lines: In an end we are the pledges of ethnic style, on the other hand the most adventurous designs that they characterize to the signature, and finally, the most technical and specializing, ideal pieces for the most warm holiday destinations. To keep on reading ↓

Dark, serviceability and elegance in the footwear

13 dark, serviceability and elegance in the footwear

The mark Dark offers us a collection for this spring - summer, in which the serviceability, the sophistication and the simplicity, they join in a footwear replete with tones and that does not resign from the quality in his materials. Roses and blacks combine the toasted and raw colors with the tones china, blue.

Thanks to his molds prepared in smooth or perforated skins and the flexibility of his plants, the ideal shoes of Dark sound to walk, to go to the work or to go out of holiday. With this innovative design, they help us to spend standing hours of a comfortable way. To keep on reading ↓

Britney Spears, image of the signature Candiés

britney candies 2 Britney Spears, image of the signature Candies

We help on return from a prima donna: the most polemic singer of the American panorama, Britney Spears, has been chosen like image of the fashionable signature Candie's, which continues in the line edulcorada, rosita and everlasting schoolgirl dressing, in this occasion, the bad girl of pop.

Candie's knows very well the big icon of the fashion that was Spears in his moment, and with this campaign, insurance hopes to recover those times in which the style of the singer was continued without question by young people and adolescents.

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Collection spring - summer of Laundress

lavandera2 Collection spring summer of Laundress

The fashionable signature Laundress, with only three years of life, has formed a hollow in this world thanks to his search of new forms and volumes, but using for it simple and clean lines. With a collection thought for a practical and modern, just as elegant woman, Laundress offers us a fashion warm and full of tones.

This summer, Laundress proposes to us a collection based on the unicidad of the sports uniforms. Looking like starting point for a comfortable and practical fashion, for the heat period, the Laundress's pledges combine the movements freedom with the inherent personality in them.

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Collection spring - summer of Pedro García

pedro Colección spring summer of Pedro García

The footwear of the signature Pedro García, with a finished impeccable one and an elegant style, forms a basic collection for this spring period. Making a show of the versatility brought together with the last tendencies, the shoes of Pedro García they turn into Allied Forces to dress in the work, or to dazzle in the nights of holiday.

The collection takes as a starting point the black, essential and basic color, which prints his character of dark glamor. The use of the sophisticated sateen, or the incorporation of cristalitos Swarovsky, they contribute the luxurious touch to this footwear, ideal for the most demanding. To keep on reading ↓

Variety song wears the modern woman

variety song Variety song wears the modern woman

With the arrival of the good weather, we prepare to renew our closet for the next period. One of the complements more important and shown for the spring there are the shoes. The mark of Variety song wearing shoes offers us in his collection spring - summer a good collection of samples to cause sensation.

A very feminine footwear thought for a modern and very sure woman of himself, that it turns into the star of a sophisticated look. With a romantic and sensual style, the Variety song shoes are the perfect ally to devastate this summer. To keep on reading ↓

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