Milan Fashion Week: Prada

prada1 Milan Fashion Week: Prada

The signature led by Miuccia Prada presented his awaited collection for the next period spring - summer in the Milan Fashion Week. The good-looking Italian designer for a fashion full of contrasts and alternatives, in which everything has capacity.

According to words of the proper Miuccia, his fashion is that of the “new executive led to the beach”. A proposal with two very definite axes: on the one hand we have a series of office looks and for other a relaxed fashion inspired by the beach. In the first part of the parade, Prada presented several designs for modern executives, like summer overcoats, shorts and vests cut to fork and without seams. To keep on reading ↓

Prada produces homage to Apollinaire in Paris

1g 3 Prada it produces homage to Apollinaire in Paris

With a temporary shop in the beautiful one It Pleases Beauvau of Paris the Italian house Prada has wanted to produce homage to the writer, poet and critic of art Apollinaire. Origin Italian, although raised professionally in the narrow streets of the mythical quarter of Montparnasse, Apollinaire turned for proper merit into some of the artists most representative of the epoch together with Pablo Picasso, Jean Coucteau or the very same Coconut Chanel.

A beautiful tax which we will be able to enjoy next five months in the capital of the fashion, and in the one that we will submerge in Apollinaire's universe starting by the spectacular front in which there is represented the bridge Mirabeau, gathered in one of the poems of the artist. To keep on reading ↓

Fleur d'Oranger, the new fragrance of Prada

prada Fleur dOranger, the new Prada fragrance

The new Prada proposal for his perfumery line is the fragrance Fleur d'Orange, it departs from a series of perfumes of limited edition that the signature will throw for one year. This collection, named The Ephemeral Infusion, will be formed by fragrances with notes difficult to manage and exclusive extracts.

Fleur d'Orange is a floral and citric fragrance that resembles the summer smells to us. It was created by the perfumista Daniela Andrier for the house Prada, and in her we find notes of flower of orange tree, essential oil of neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine and serendoline. In this fragrance, the absolute one and the essential oil join creating a beautiful base with a top of fresh and soapy essential oil.

The packaging is of style vintage, remembering us to the luxurious French perfumes of a few decades ago. A simple and elegant bottle with the Prada logo, and an orange stopper they serve to wrap this exclusive fragrance.

Route: Embelezzia

Prada opens shop in Madrid

1238665512 extra photos the people 0 Prada open shop in Madrid

One of the marks better considered between the most elegant wants to settle in the Spanish capital. Prada is provided with a wide clientele in our country, many were those who were making use of his trips to Milan or Paris to triumph with the collections of the Italian signature. For it, Prada has wanted to do the easiest life to them giving them the possibility of stopping trembling his credit card in one of his commerce without need to take a plane, in Madrid. To keep on reading ↓

Prada in Milan Fashion Week

prada0 Prada in Milan Fashion Week

A depressing collection of Miuccia Prada who reminds to us the bad moments through that we live. Due to the uncertain situation of the world economy the good-looking Italian house for suits tailor atemporales in different color under the same boss in the autumn / winter 2009-2010.

In colors extinguished like the brown he designs big part of his collection, the light touch contributes a color red wine with which it dares to stamp his designs. The black also is a clear protagonist on the footbridge. To keep on reading ↓

The spring 2009 shoes are the jewel of Prada

prada21 550x322 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

From his presentation they have given much that to speak. The shoes that Prada has designed for the spring / summer 2009 are collector's pieces, the only "jewels" within reach of a minority. Independently of everything previous, these shoes have been in mouth of many due to the bad moment that some of the models spent while they were parading. Several of them they slipped and they fell down to the soil and had to finish the walk with the shoes in the hands. Probably it was the soil with drawn fish, the culprit of so much trip.

I consider necessarily to dedicate this post to the shoes of Spring / summer 2009 of Prada because each of them leaves me without breath. As I see them I realize less well what it is me favorite, they they all are works of art, each one is special: how to choose?

prada31 550x315 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

They have created principally four models very similar between them. The materials are fundamentally the skin of snake, cloth as of loneta, skin and something of level in one of four designs. Clearly definite platform, heel of dizziness and all of them are provided with a knot in the later part. Exclusive materials for exclusive footwear. We can observe in the video that more colors exist to part of those who appear in the image.

It must not be an easy at all gait with them, but it is worth trying it. Any garment, skirt or pants will stop being the same accompanied by this preciousness. Also I want to stress that although it should not be comfortable, his design allows us to combine it both with a few jeans and with garment of holiday.

Sincerely I do not believe that they were designing them thinking about an any woman, about that one that is not the passionate one of the fashion but it continues the tendencies. They thought about us, who we go crazy with the new collections of our favorite designers and we would be ready to mortgage us to obtain these shoes that so much we like. It is important to differentiate two concepts: to continue the fashion! and: to live through the fashion! He decides that edict it is you who are, but earlier he observes in detail these Prada shoes.

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