Prada in Milan Fashion Week

prada0 Prada in Milan Fashion Week

A depressing collection of Miuccia Prada who reminds to us the bad moments through that we live. Due to the uncertain situation of the world economy the good-looking Italian house for suits tailor atemporales in different color under the same boss in the autumn / winter 2009-2010.

In colors extinguished like the brown he designs big part of his collection, the light touch contributes a color red wine with which it dares to stamp his designs. The black also is a clear protagonist on the footbridge.

prada21 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Weekprada 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Weekprada3 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Week

The only thing that allows us to escape of the world of the abstinence there are suits of jacket and overcoats in black with embroidered jewels, but I repeat with the same boss as the previous ones. The good use of the hair of animal is the best of the whole parade. We could see an impressive garment of hair similar to the mink, as for color and texture. The hair also is dyed in color wine.

Mucia bets without fear for Katiuskas (name that comes from an opera of 1931) high not, the highest. The boots, in different colors as the garnet, the brown or in green they come more or less even English. The green ones take us to the world of the fishermen, who use them the pants do not get wet.

prada4 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Weekprada5 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Weekprad61 166x250 Prada in Milan Fashion Week

Leather overcoats, in different tones, to which there have been making way such long-awaited and fashionable leather huntresses. In conclusion, a sad collection but with the only pieces as the garment of already mentioned hair or the impressive purses that were accompanying the models. Big necklines in extremely thin women who spoil the effect of the same one.

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