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Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

wanted Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

The actress Demi Moore affirms to be living through the best moment of his life, and she is not for less. At his 47 years it is every day more nice and dazzling. Married with young actor Asthon Kutcher, Demi has confessed that she wants to be a mother again again. And to all this we have to add a new work in his résumé: Demi has been elected like image of the signature Helena Rubinstein.

Demi Moore makes début like absolute star of the campaign of Wanted, the new fragrance of Helena Rubisntein, for which it poses of form sensual and more nice than never along with a young model. Dressed in a simple and favoring top lilac, the actress appears in all his splendor in the announcement, as if the time was not happening for her. To keep on reading ↓

The seductive campaign of Armani Code

AR The seductive campaign of Armani Code

The new campaign of the fragrance Armani Code is an expression of what means for the signature the seduction. A few images captivating and impregnated of a mystery aura, as the fragrance that it promotes. Armani Code is a fragrance known by many of us, one of the outstanding figures of the market of feminine perfumery.

For this winter, Armani Code returns with renewed forces, and the Italian signature has wanted to dedicate a new campaign led by the Polish model Anja Rubik and the Venezuelan Enrique Palacios. Both personify the sensual and magnetic image that symbolizes the extract of Armani Code, a fragrance for born seducers. To keep on reading ↓

Cashemere Mist Luxe Edition, special edition of the perfume of Donna Karan

dk Cashemere Mist Luxe Edition, special edition of the perfume of Donna Karan

The perfume Cashmere Mist is one of the classic fragrances for woman, who at present keeps on being the fourth most sold fragrance of the United States. Owing to 15 anniversary of his creation, the signature Donna Karan reditará this perfume inspired by the fragrances of bath of the American house.

Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition will be the review of this outstanding figure of Donna Karan and he will be on sale in the middle of this September. The new perfume will sell in a luxurious edition especially thought for the winter period.

The prestigious perfumista Jean-Marc Chaillan has been the manager of carrying out this update of the perfume, which keeps on supporting his intense and sophisticated character. The fragrance Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition will preserve the notes of iris of the vella, bergamota, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, cedar, patchouli and musk that were characterizing his antecesora. The principal difference of this new version is that one gives him more fund to the fragrance concentrating the extracts of bergamota and jasmine.

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Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

adr Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

One of the biggest problems that we are at the time of traveling is to organize our vanity case with the beauty products that we need for our daily routine. If we are going to fly in plane, the restrictions imposed in the hand luggage do that we have to put special care with the packings that we take.

Also, whenever we prepare to pack the suitcase we meet the same problem: the absence of space. That's why, every time there are more the marks of cosmetics and perfumery that throw special formats of his products to be able to travel without problems and kits of trip with commodities. One of them is Adolfo Domínguez, who has created a special edition of trips of his fragrances. To keep on reading ↓

Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Image 11 Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Under pronounced character and a very Spanish name, Lola, appears the new floral fragrance of the designer Marc Jacobs for this one Autumn - winter 2009/2010. The whole delight for the smell in which the freshness and the happiness of his extract coexist with the care packaging in the one that the magic philter of the period is protected.

The notes of pink pepper, pear and grapefruit compose the extract of this one delightful fragrance, which intermingles with the peony, the roses and the geraniums. For the base of a perfume that gives more famine that you gain of making use of him, the vanilla, the musk and the bean tonka. The creators of Yann Vasnier and Calice Becker have achieved a wonderful result that there receives with very much pride and illusion the visionary of the fashion Marc Jacbos. To keep on reading ↓

Scarlett Johansson, image of the new perfume of Dolce and Gabanna

rose Scarlett Johansson, image of the new perfume of Dolce and Gabanna

The actress Scarlett Johansson is turning into one of the faces most coveted by the fashionable signatures, test of it is his new collaboration with Dolce and Gabanna. After having worked with signatures like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton or L'Oreal, and substituting Penélope Cruz as Handle image, the interpreter has repeated experience with the Italian house.

Last spring, Scarlett was chosen by Dolce and Gabanna to promote his makeup line. After this successful collaboration, the signature has trusted again in his muse to lead the campaign of his new perfume, Rose The One. To keep on reading ↓

Very Hollywood, the new fragrance of Michael Kors

very2 Very Hollywood, the new fragrance of Michael Kors

One of the most requested designers of the moment, Michael Kors presents to us his new fragrance, the last one of a trilogy of perfumes inspired by the most extreme glamor. In this occasion, the couturier invites us to live through the glamor of the red carpet with the fragrance ‘Very Hollywood’ by Michael Kors, who will go on sale next September.

For the promotion of this new perfume, Kors has bet for a spectacular staging, a production of that we can see an advance on the web page of the fragrance. For it it has been provided with the presence of his muse, the model estona Carmen Kaas, that rebosa glamor in his appearance in the red carpet. Also, the prestigious photographer Mario Testino is the director campaign and Darius Khonji the photography director. To keep on reading ↓

Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

mng Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

The Spanish signature Handle has presented his new fragrance, Lady Rebel, and for it it has celebrated a holiday for everything high with the most select of the social panorama in Ibiza. The discotheque Bazaar, one of the darlings for the vip's who visit the island, was the place chosen for the spectacular holiday, one of more important that it has received Ibiza this summer.

To announce his new fragrance, the signature realized an original presentation with four crystal cabins. Lady Rebel is a rebellious, feminine and spontaneous perfume that takes as principal notes the menthol frecor of the mojito, the delicacy of the petals of rose and the sensuality of the sugar of vanilla.

The celebration of Handle congregated to more than 500 guests, between whom there were out-standing international personalities of the high society, the aristocracy, the art and the sport. The famous singer British James Blunt acted like godfather of honor of the new fragrance, and along with him there were actors as José Corbacho and Arturo Valls, sportsmen as Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Albert Costa, or representatives of the social panorama as Carla Goyanes.

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Signature Story, the fragrance of Beckham for 2009

perfumes beckham Signature Story, the fragrance of Beckham for 2009

From September there will be able already to be in the shops the new fragrances of Victory and David Beckham: Signature Story. They continue this way in the line that they already marked last year, with the throwing of each perfumes baptized with his name. In this occasion they make sure that “if you open the perfume you will discover this love story” … a little vulgar: no?

The fragrance is inspired in the taste by the vintage, in the ancient style of Hollywood. Signature Story for them has a floral aroma and Nathalie Lorson has created the perfumista. Signature Story for man for his part, smells to wood.

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Fleur d'Oranger, the new fragrance of Prada

prada Fleur dOranger, the new Prada fragrance

The new Prada proposal for his perfumery line is the fragrance Fleur d'Orange, it departs from a series of perfumes of limited edition that the signature will throw for one year. This collection, named The Ephemeral Infusion, will be formed by fragrances with notes difficult to manage and exclusive extracts.

Fleur d'Orange is a floral and citric fragrance that resembles the summer smells to us. It was created by the perfumista Daniela Andrier for the house Prada, and in her we find notes of flower of orange tree, essential oil of neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine and serendoline. In this fragrance, the absolute one and the essential oil join creating a beautiful base with a top of fresh and soapy essential oil.

The packaging is of style vintage, remembering us to the luxurious French perfumes of a few decades ago. A simple and elegant bottle with the Prada logo, and an orange stopper they serve to wrap this exclusive fragrance.

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