Paco Gil Otoño Invierno 2009/2010

Image 7 Paco Gil Autumn I Hibernate 2009/2010

They Liaisons Dangereuses is the name of the collection Autumn - winter 2009/10 of Paco Gil. A sensual and elegant collection that moves like fish in the water between the classicism and the innovation. With an unmistakable style and an elegant mystery, the Spanish signature has proposed to dress your feet in his surprising designs. Will you succumb to his delight?

Booties of marked necklines, the highest boots of before, peep toes or his mythical lounges with incredible heels are the proposals of Paco Gil for the next winter. The platforms, presents in many of his models, they prove to be bigheads in the sole, something that in previous periods was not happening. Materials like the skin, the spangles or the lacquer, which this one year gets together with the wood of the heels, are the sure bets of one of the most well-known Spanish signatures on a global scale. To keep on reading ↓

Extract your wild side this autumn!

b11: Extract your wild side this autumn!

We all have a wild side that occasionally we like extracting to re-shine. Be which be your style, insurance that inside you your most rebellious spirit fights to escape. Prepare yourself to live to yourself through an autumn replete with emotions and adventures in the asphalt jungle and take note of these proposals to obtain a lookBorn to be wild.

As good representative of this unconformist and rebellious style, must not be missing in your closet a good black garment, a fundamental piece with which you will be able to create multitude of combinations. An outstanding figure, like the garment of Etxart and Panno, of folk air, will serve to you to obtain a look of the most Bohemian thing. It tries to combine it with a few inspiration boots motera like the black women of deerskin of Paco Gil. To keep on reading ↓

Prepare for an autumn in the park

16 Prepare for an autumn in the park

Although we still have left very much summer for enjoying, now it is the moment to be discovering the tendencies that we will see in the next period. And although we enjoy many with the arrival of the good weather, to be able to shine vestiditos summer, release sandals, and to enjoy the good weather, others enjoy the autumn arrival.

The fall of the sheets, the colors of the autumnal nature and the first days of cold are indicators of the arrival of the new station. There are moments to enjoy the walks along the park, catching these rayitos of the sun that they warm without being burning hot. The perfect occasion to show a garment as the proposed one by Etxart and Panno, of pattern of pictures and neckline of word of honor. To keep on reading ↓

The retro is still fashionable

image001 331x400 The retro is still fashionable

At present we live through a moment in which everything costs. The romanticism takes, the rocker, the look Hippie and of course it retro. Many people think that the retro is quite what resembles the past to us, while others think that there are all the exaggerated patterns full of color. Personally I believe that the retro is what each one sits. For me the retro is a sum of many things, many feelings.

Nevertheless, we are not here to analyze what designates every term as for fashion it refers. The important thing is to combine well the pledges and to go to the last one. The shoes are capable of describing the style and the personality of a person, it is the most important thing. They will judge us from what we go in our feet. To keep on reading ↓

Shoes of 10 big signatures, to a click in Shoespanish

banner nuevo1 Shoes of 10 big signatures, to a click in Shoespanish

We can already buy shoes of 10 big Spanish marks across Internet, of rapid, comfortable and simple form, thanks to the web Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada, Lover, Audley, Beverly Feldman, Garvalín, Hispanitas, Hispanitas Child, One of 2, Paco Gil or Zinda, to a mouse's click.

The portal is very simple, and, in addition to for marks, it divides by type of footwear, by what we will be able to come straight to what we are busando, be ballerinas, sports, footwear of holiday, moccasins, “peep toes”, platforms, shoes of lounge or of heel, sabots or sandals of wedge, of finger or of heel.

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Gifts for your mother, there is only one

everything for my mother copies 333x400 Gifts for your mother, there is only one

It is true that mother is only one, but each of them has his character and of to dress. Also the age also influences the decision of the perfect gift for the one who loves us unconditionally. From here we want to be giving ideas for the day of the mother, the first Sunday of May.

In the image we see principally shoes, it is better not to get into aubergine fields with the size, if we are not right we will offend our mothers. If you buy one more number or a number less of shoe does not matter, that him does not feel bad to any woman. To keep on reading ↓

Collection Reprise de Paco Gil

paco gil1 Collection Reprise de Paco Gil

The designer of footwear Paco Gil presents his new titled collection ‘Reprise‘ to us for the period spring - summer 2009.

The designs of Paco Gil bet for the elegance and the sophistication, turning into the perfect complement for a sensual and sure woman of himself.

The footwear covers with stars for the next summer period it is the sandal, which Paco Gil presents to us in plane, for whom they choose for the serviceability, and with high heel, for the most sexy and riskiest. To keep on reading ↓

Paco Gil, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

paco gil Paco Gil, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Paco Gil has presented to the means his new collection of autumn - winter wearing shoes 2009/10, alumnus “They Laisons Langereuses”. One treats his longest heels as a few shoes that they emphasize for his extraordinarily elegant molds, almost infinite, and the rich materials, common denominator in the whole work of the designer.

Paco Gil bets for the next period for shoes of top reinforced with metal, natural skins, or wooden combination and lacquer, in brown, green colors, garnets and, of course, black.

For his innovation and originality, they emphasized the shoes adorned with reversible spangles, in metallized tones.

Route: Paco Gil

It manages to be a certification Sailor Moon

front Manages to be a certification Sailor Moon

It is not easy to turn into one of five Sailor Moon, personages of the sleeve admired by a both masculine and feminine public. They are five girls full of success and force: perhaps be his uniform? I do not know it, but it can be one of the reasons. For this motive we want to help you to transform you into one of them.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus are admired and wished by many. His short skirts and the innocent air melt to turn into something irresistible for the masculine genre. If you want to triumph between the men aim that the following keys in the mind, which I do not know should erase or the charm will disappear. To keep on reading ↓

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