New boots PZero Cinturato

initpzero New boots PZero Cinturato

Now when we are on the verge of changing station and entering in the autumn, it is the moment to do a putting on the verge of our closet. As soon as there begins the raining season (as where you live it can be very long), we will be lost if we have not a good pair of rubber boots, anything essential to survive the meteorological inclemencies.

It is, therefore, the moment to leave ours wanted sandals to give the welcome to the boots. Not only of heels the woman lives, so also we will need useful, strong footwear and resistene that helps us to carry the winter. Fortunately, that does not mean to resign from the style, and as test of it we propose to you the rubber boots of PZero Cinturato, of fresh and entertaining design and with the whole quality that offers us the Italian signature.

These boots, which were born like limited edition of only 1.500 units, turn strongly this period with a new collection that he bets for a wide scale of living colors. Pirelli puts at the disposal of these 'katiuskas' all his technology, being inspired by his famous tires.

With this it achieves that PZero Cinturato has a strong extra adhesion in any wet surface, avoiding this way the awesome slips. Also, these boots do not allow to spend the water to the interior, keeping the dry and warm foot like that. His price of of 124 euros, and they are available in colors like the green, pink, purple, red, orange and the black outstanding figure.

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