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Zara signs up to the sale online

zara Zara signs up to the sale online

Nowadays, the sale online is a fundamental part of the business of the fashionable signatures. The one that is not in Internet does not exist. That's why, the giant of the low cost fashion, Inditex, was not going to be less. Despite the reserves that the textile company was showing till now with regard to the business online, finally Inditex has decided to expand in the hand network of his principal bastion: the signature Zara.

The only incursion of the textile group of Amancio Ortega was the opening of the shop online of Zara Home, his mark of clothes and complements for the hearth, in October, 2007. Since then, Inditex was not deciding to extend his business online. Till now, that has announced the creation of a virtual shop for Zara, which will begin to sell his pledges for Internet from the next year. To keep on reading ↓

Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

p1 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The magazine People has prepared one of his popular lists on the better dressed celebrities. In this case it is not a question of one of these typical numbered ránking, but of a series of emphasized according to different categories. One of them is Kate Winslet, that according to the publication (and many, between which I include myself), are emphasized by him for his innate elegance and his good taste at the time of choosing model. The British actress can always extract party to his beauty in the red carpet, with a glamorous and sophisticated style without shrillness.

Other one of the emphasized ones by the magazine has been also actress Rethis Whiterspoon, deserving of being in the list for his good use of the short garments. The American is, according to People, an example of how taking the minigarments and showing his legs with style. Between his favorites are the Fendi designs or to Roll you, infallible for the red carpet. To keep on reading ↓

The united Trucco necklace

necklace The united Trucco necklace

Trucco is one of the fashionable signatures that join the united causes, in this case to the struggle against the breast cancer. One more year, the Spanish mark will collaborate with the campaign of the Spanish Society against the Cancer, who tries to reduce as far as possible the mark of the breast cancer, an illness that affects thousands of women every year.

For colaborara with this cause, Trucco has created a united necklace, with which it will contribute his sand granite to this so important project. The necklace available in golden and silver color, will be able I acquired in any of the shops of Trucco from the next October 1 and up to exhausting stock.

A part of the sales of this necklace will be destined to the campaign against the breast cancer, which in turn will invest this money in investigation on the illness and programs of precocious detection. You will be able to collaborate acquiring this collas for only 14,90 euros.

Route: Trucco

Handle believe your own closet in Facebook

handle Handle Believe your own closet in Facebook

Once again, the signature it surprises Handle again us with an initiative of the most novel and original. Betting for the use of the new technologies and experimenting with the interactive formats, Handle has always created a new application for the popular social network Facebook.

The users who are aimed to the network will be able to interact with this new format online, a system to create a personal closet with the pledges of the Spanish signature. ‘Your closet by Handle’ it will allow the followers of the mark, and of the fashion in general, to be able to play with the imagination and design your own virtual closet. To keep on reading ↓

Victoria Beckham poses for the magazine elle

Image 9 Victoria Beckham poses for the magazine elle

This way of divine Victoria Beckham poses for the front of September of the fashionable magazine elle in the United Kingdom. The ex-singer, who is immersed in the promotion of his new line of garments, flirts with the designs of others in one of the most looked fronts of the moment.

With a look of beginning of century, very similar to that of Security Von Tesse, Victory appears sensual, sexy and very feminine, knocked down "comfortably" in what it looks like a swimming pool springboard. I love! As well as of walking on house. Commode first of all. With averages and garter belt, taconazos and a smock / jacket with belt to the waist and pattern of zebra. To keep on reading ↓

The share-out of “Sex in New York 2 ″: To the finished one!

Image 8 The Sex share-out in New York 2: To the finished one!

In the door of one of the most exclusive shops of New York, spectacular Bergdorff Goodman, we have seen: finally! to the share-out to the finished one of the awaited one “Sex in New York 2 ″. Charlotte, Elevated place, Samantha and Carrie are the most nice and dressed of above to below for the big signatures. The fashion design, as not, in charge of big Patricia Field.

dressed in a nice pink chewing gum in a set of jacket, skirt and purse signed by the French house Dior, and a few beautiful shoes in beige with the sole in red: does he say anything to you? Really, of Chritian Louboutin. Carrie more modern than his good-looking partner for the same designer for the shoes, but with a look more carefree and chance, accompanied by one aviator's beautiful glasses exclusive Limited Edition of Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm. To keep on reading ↓

Madrid celebrates today the big night of the fashion

f1 Madrid celebrates today the big night of the fashion

Today, on Thursday, the 10th of September, the big holiday of the fashion is celebrated in the whole world, ‘Fashion's Night Out. During all this night, globally diverse holidays, activities and gifts will be celebrated, and the shops of the principal cities of the world will open his doors until the dawn.

The activities it is promoted by the “bible of the fashion”, the magazine Vogue, and it will take place in cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo or Peking. In Spain, the capital of the fashion will be Madrid, which will dress itself of holiday to receive the night in target of the fashion. More than 150 shops placed in The Mile of Gold, the quarter of Salamanca and the area of The Salesas, will open this night to join this annual celebration. To keep on reading ↓

The Spaniard Estrella Archs will put herself at the head of Emanuel Ungaro

es1 The Spaniard Estrella Archs will put herself at the head of Emanuel Ungaro

It does a pair of months, the signature Emanuel Ungaro was putting point and end to his collaboration with the young couturier Esteban Cortázar. The sudden march of the Colombian was stopping to the French house in a difficult situation, after a few days of presenting his new collection. Well, according to the publication WWD, Cortázar already has substitute in the fashionable signature.

The new creative director of Emanuel Ungaro will be, not any more not less, that one of the young promises of the Spanish fashion, the designer Estrella Archs. Precisely, the last collection of the creator was presented last Friday, the 4th of September in the Footbridge 080 of Barcelona. To keep on reading ↓

The Body Shop throws a cream against the sexual traffic

hands The Body Shop it throws a cream against the sexual traffic

The popular signature of cosmetics The Body Shop also wants to put his grain of sand in the struggle against the sexual minors traffic, and for it it has created a hand cream with united motives. The cream “soft Hands and with heart”, of limited edition, is the symbol of the campaign “let's Stop the Tráficos Sexual of Children and Adolescents”, with that he tries to help to brake the abuse that approximately 1,8 million minors suffer a year.

This united cream contains soft natural elements as the extract of angelica, which serves to calm and to smooth the skin. Also, it detaches an agreeable fragrance with citric, floral fresh notes and of amber. To keep on reading ↓

Carrie Bradshaw returns a 80s

Image 6 Carrie Bradshaw returns a 80s

Since well you know the shooting of “Sex in New York 2 ″ has already begun in the city of the skyscrapers. And as it has already being a tradition, the images with the looks of the actresses begin to spread like the froth, destroying this way, the suspense of the fans. Today we present to a Carrie Bradshaw more ochentera that never. A little that leads us to thinking that it is possible that there is some flashback in the awaited movie. Will we see the past of this one glamorous writer finally?

Past or present, what is clear is that Bradshaw marks tendency. With black Converse, white cigarets and sweatshirt with a shoulder to the overdraft, the most chic columnist of all the times began with his most sophisticated and extravagant fashion designs. To complement the "outfit", a comfortable bag of transparent sport and two hatters, for lack of one. To keep on reading ↓

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