Nicolas Vaudelet y Lourdes Coterón, rewarded in Cibeles

I reward loreal Nicolas Vaudelet y Lourdes Coterón, rewarded in Cibeles

The designer Nicolas Vaudelet, with his collection ‘Bandits‘ created for the signature ‘The horse’, and the Spanish model Lourdes Coterón there have been the winners of the award that L'Oreal grants to the best collection and to the best model in this one 49 an edition of the footbridge Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.

The Awards L'Oreal, which were presented by the model Martina Klein, suppose an economic compensation for 6.000 euros for each of the prizewinners. For Nicolás Vaudelet this is his second participation in the footbridge of Madrid representing to the mark The Horse, along with which he has signed a whole of four collaborations. For his part, the Valencian model Lourdes Coterón, had been recognized previously with the award after the best model in the Week of the Fashion of Valencia.

The collection ‘The horse’ of Nicolas Vaudelet has seen his innovation recognized with the award to the best collection in the newly finished footbridge Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. The proposal is based on elements of equestrian inspiration, including other ingredients like black "blazers", ties and shirts “chic rock” alternated with complements "army".

The accessories as hats gaucho of wide wing, gypsy handkerchiefs in the head, maxibrazaletes gilded, you jump musketeer's and sandals with fringe and stiletto, the shawls on the shoulders or the superpositions, they turn into the best ally of the woman, who dresses pledges designed to favor his curves.

the horse cibeles1 Nicolas Vaudelet y Lourdes Coterón, rewarded in Cibeles

Nicolas Vaudelet born in Brittany in 1976, has worked for signatures like Dior, Luis Vuitton, Givenchy or Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2007 it joins to the centenary mark ‘Seville The Horse’ inside the new renewal strategy, without loss of his extract, which the company is carrying out.

The designer attracted by the Spanish culture from his step by Lacroix, recognizes in The Horse “to a luxurious signature with a big potential that combines the classic codes with the most modern”. From his incorporation as creative designer it has presented already two collections: Seville (Spring - summer 2008) and do not call me a Daisy, call me Rita (Autumn - winter 2008/09).
Route: Elle

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