Jesus del Pozo in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

pozo1 Jesus del Pozo in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

The second day of the Barcelona Bridal Week Fashion has opened his doors with one of the parades most expected from this edition, that of the collection of Jesus del Pozo. The Catalan appointment with the wedding fashion has received the new tendencies proposed by the designer, who has presented an ethereal, delicate and almost angelical fiancée, represented by his models, which have paraded sliding gracefully for the footbridge.

The beginning of the parade was marked by the most delicate garments, formed for drapeados of thin layers that grant a romantic air, of princess of fairy tale, to the fiancées of Jesus del Pozo. Suits of fluídas lines and soft aspect that dress a dreamy and graceful woman. Once again, the most fashionable tendency, the asymmetric necklines of only one shoulder, have triumphed over the footbridge, in this case adorned with flowers and bonds that finish off the seams. To keep on reading ↓

Pronovias dresses in target Amaia Salamanca

amaia pronovias Pronovias dresses in target Amaia Salamanca

Quite to point for the starter of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the big Catalan wedding fashionable footbridge, which will be inaugurated on the same evening. Throughout this week, the best signatures and designers will present on the footbridge the last tendencies in wedding dresses. One of the most important signatures of the Spanish wedding fashion, Pronovias, has been chosen by him for not celebrating a traditional parade, but his presentation will be based on different events organized throughout this week.

One of them has been the godmother one by Amaia Salamanca, which posed with some of the models of the collection in the shop of the walk of Grace. The popular actress, protagonist of the series Without nipples there is no paradise, he has exercised like model for the presentation of the Collection 2010 of Manuel Mota for Pronovias. To keep on reading ↓

Mascaró throws his special line for weddings

11 Mascaró throws his special line for weddings

The prestigious signature of footwear Mascaró has created a collection especially indicated for the weddings, with shoes and sandals to wear the fiancées, godmothers and guests of the wedding celebration. A line in which the traditional target opens way to other more bold colors like red passion, the fuchsia or the metallized tones.

The models of the collection, alumnus ‘Wedding‘, go from the classic lounge shoes to the peep toe, which incorporate spectacular platforms or heels that raise the height even in 13 centimeters. But, thinking about the serviceability, which must occupy first place in such a special occasion, the signature has developed an innovative technology that he allows to rest to the foot. To keep on reading ↓

The Flemish fiancée, for Vicky Martín Berrocal

vicky The Flemish fiancée, for Vicky Martín Berrocal

The popular presenter Vicky Martín Berrocal keeps on harvesting victories in his praised career like designer. Now, the Sevillian one fulfills one of his sleep on having thrown his first collection of fiancées, alumnus ‘On The South’.

Since his journey began in the world of the fashion, with his first Flemish fashionable collection, five years have happened, and now, Vicky prepares herself to give the jump to the wedding fashion. ‘On the south’, it consists of 14 wedding dresses of Flemish inspiration realized to hand, which the designer has presented a few days ago in the Hotel Eme of Seville. To keep on reading ↓

The last wedding tendency: farewell to the heels

fiancées The last wedding tendency: farewell to the heels

If by something they are characterized the wedding days it is for the long hours that we happen standing, especially the fiancée. The ceremony, the holiday, the dance …, a long day in which the high heels can spoil our most special day.

That's why, one of the tendencies most extended in the wedding fashion they are the ballerinas. For those that they decide in favor of the serviceability, but without losing an elegance not even apex, the footwear marks are incorporating in his catalog a ballerinas' selection for fiancées. To keep on reading ↓

Novissima, for the most special day

novias1 Novissima, for the most special day

We are already in full period of weddings and celebrations, and that's why we propose a new option to you for that you are still undecided: the signature Novissimas. The wedding fashionable mark offers us fiancée's garments for all the tastes, incorporating the last tendencies in design.

In his collection for this summer, Novissima presents two different lines to choose: ' The Collection’, for the most modern fiancées, and ‘Vintage‘, for the most traditional. To keep on reading ↓

Hannibal Laguna in Cibeles Madrid Fiancées

hannibal Hannibal Laguna in Cibeles Madrid Fiancées

One of the parades most expected from this footbridge Cibeles Madrid Fiancées was that of the designer Hannibal Laguna. The couturier, after years presenting his proposals in other one big wedding footbridge of Spain, the Barcelona Bridal Week returns to the capital with his new collection for the next period, alumnus ‘Turquoise Day‘.

The fiancées of Hannibal Laguna, bet for the romantic volumes with certain style vintage. The garments - corollas, which caused sensation on the footbridge, turned into the big protagonists of the day. To keep on reading ↓

Madrid starts the footbridge Cibeles Fiancées

cibeles Madrid Starts the footbridge Cibeles Fiancées

The footbridge Cibeles Madrid Fiancées, the big modality of the wedding fashion in Spain, will celebrate during today and tomorrow a whole of 18 parades in which the best designers will present his proposals in wedding dresses.

The principal tendencies that we could have seen on the footbridge are the designs of romantic inspiration, fitted to the feminine body. The lines siren and the marked necklines highlight the curves of the woman in the most special day. The designers incline for the next period vaporous for the textiles, like the organzas of silk, the gasas and the tulle. Since it is traditional, the predominant colors are the targets and raw tones, with small strokes of other colors. To keep on reading ↓

Oscar de la Renta in Bridal Fashion Week of New York

delarenta1 Oscar de la Renta in Bridal Fashion Week of New York

We continue with the revision to the tendencies for fiancée proposed by the principal diseñadares for the next period. In this occasion, it touches him the shift to the designer Oscar de la Renta, who has presented his collection for the spring 2010 in the frame of Bridal Fashion Week of New York.

A collection of wedding dresses characterized by the femininity, with pieces that highlight the beauty and exhuberancia of the women. The necklines in the shape of heart, which highlight the bust and turn it into the center of all the looks, share leading role with the asymmetries in shoulders and necklines. To keep on reading ↓

Carolina Herrera in Bridal Fashion Week of New York

carolina farrier Carolina Herrera in Bridal Fashion Week of New York

The famous designer Carolina Herrera has presented his wedding dresses collection in the opening of the wedding fashionable footbridge of New York, where the most excellent designers of the panorama will present his designs for the spring of 2010.

The collection of the venezola has been marked by the romanticism, with designs of baroque cut that they evoke to the suits of the princesses of the XVIIth and XIXth centuries. Carolina Herrera looks for the inspiration in his favorite artists and introduces details in his collection that allude to the painters' works like Degas, Monet, Klimt or Goya. To keep on reading ↓

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