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Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

diorette1 Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

One of the models preferred by the celebrities, and piece icónica of the signature Christian Dior, the sunglasses Diorette are the representation of the luxurious and sophisticated style of the fashion of the 50s. Elegant like few ones, the Diorette makes a show of a style atemporal and favoring with the one that is difficult not to be right in any occasion.

The line Diorette consists of three models (Palladium, Gold and Gold Endura), which have in common his characteristic form of butterfly and his glazing to the air. These appear only set in the mount on the top part, what provides them with a distinctive and sophisticated touch. To keep on reading ↓

Chest antistress of Alqvimia, to spoil to your body

alqvimia Chest Alqvimia antistress, to spoil to your body

The frantic rhythm of life that reigns at present does that every time we accumulate more weariness in our body and our mind. Without scarcely realizing, the absence of time to dedicate to our rest and relaxation they do notch in our face and our skin. It is difficult to extract time of ours every day to look after, that's why the signature of natural cosmetics Alqvimia, it has created a special pack to relieve the daily tensions of our body without need for long and complicated routines.

The Chest of Mini-sizes Anti-Stress de Alqvimia, it contains three specific products (Body Elixir, Corporal Oil and Gel of Bath) to erase the traces of the weariness and the rhythm of life accelerated in the body. Easy to use and prepared with the only and natural products, these products have been created to win in beauty, health and well-being in only one I gestate. To keep on reading ↓

Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

CUSTO3 Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

A few months ago, we were surprising Custo with the design of two planes for the company Vueling, whom he impregnated with his imaginary personnel. Now, the project comes to the streets, since Custo Barcelona has captured these designs in a limited edition of sneakers, the Vueling by MTV.

Two planes designs, alumni Spread Love y Play Rock adapt themselves in this occasion to a model of white sneakers and to a cravat with the same motive. It is a question of a limited edition, which just will sell across Internet. The sneakers and the cravat will be available until December 31 in the shop online of Custo and will cost 95 and 45 euros respectively. To keep on reading ↓

Advance of the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

jimmy choo for hm womens 02 Advance of the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

We were already moving forward them to you last June: the next collaboration of H&m would be not at all more and neither more nor less than with the luxurious signature Jimmy Choo. The collection most waited of this autumn was supported in the most absolute of the secrets, but this inscrutability has been finished.

Finally we have the images of the collection of Jimmy Choo for the Swedish signature. At the moment, it is only one preview, but of course, quite extensively. As it was waited, the collection will not limit itself to the shoes and accessories, but also it will include a fashionable line for man and woman. To keep on reading ↓

Purification García, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

pg1 Purification García, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The new Purification collection García for this autumn sends us to the fashion of last years, with a style in which the tradition of the classic thing gets together with the modernity of the present. Reminiscences of other decades in a pledges collection hiper feminine that emphasize for du tact and elegance atemporal.

Purification García proposes to us skirts of lines very structured and rigid and garments over the knee and without sleeves. The T-shirts appear fitted of wide shoulders, and in colors much ponibles and winter like the black or the purple one. To keep on reading ↓

New Security collection Von Teese for Wonderbra

dita1 New Security collection Von Teese for Wonderbra

Security VonTeese, the pin-up with more glamor of the actuality, has collaborated again with the signature of linen Wonderbra to create a new uncrazy collection in the bourlesque. The new line of Vita, which his good one already demonstrated to do in the fashion in his previous collection, ride for title ‘Party Edition’, especially thought for the most intimate holidays.

The queen of the Bourlesque turns with more force that never with this captivating and glamorous collection. Security excited of the ancient linen of sateen and lace, has designed very sexy pieces in which it reveals the secrets of the holidays with more glamor. The collection ‘Party Edition’ consists of four different lines that prensentan in mauve, red and black: There glosses Teese By Security Von Tesse in network, There glosses Teese By Security Von Tesse in Mauve Sparkle Teese By Security Von Teese and Multi Teese By Dita Von Teese. To keep on reading ↓

Collection autumn - winter of Barada

barada1 Collection autumn winter of Barada

The signature of complements Barada bets for this autumn for a collection of pieces in which the simplicity and the sophistication gets together. The new collection of the signature agglutinates the principal tendencies that will mark style in this period, providing complements for looks that go from the neohippie to a rocker, happening for the most urban concepts or the natural motives.

The Barada purses present very expressive and sensitive lines, giving place to a collection of practical and comfortable pieces simultaneously that stylish. Betting for a chic woman but with taste for the outstanding figures, Barada bets for purses easily combinables with the most current fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

wanted Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

The actress Demi Moore affirms to be living through the best moment of his life, and she is not for less. At his 47 years it is every day more nice and dazzling. Married with young actor Asthon Kutcher, Demi has confessed that she wants to be a mother again again. And to all this we have to add a new work in his résumé: Demi has been elected like image of the signature Helena Rubinstein.

Demi Moore makes début like absolute star of the campaign of Wanted, the new fragrance of Helena Rubisntein, for which it poses of form sensual and more nice than never along with a young model. Dressed in a simple and favoring top lilac, the actress appears in all his splendor in the announcement, as if the time was not happening for her. To keep on reading ↓

We surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

ch we surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

This piece, that Paris Fashion Week was born like simple properties for the Chanel parade of past, might turn into the big 'hit' of this autumn. The new invention of Karl Lagerfeld has had more I crash of waited in the beginning, since the provoked sense of expectancy was only a complement for the footbridge, nevertheless, he has inclined to the signature to commercialize this surprising purse.

The new one ‘must have’ of Chanel is a kit realized in methacrylate completely trasparente, that it shows without reservations everything what hides in his interior. Why to search in the purse whenever we need something if we can have everything perfectly arranged and at sight? We do not know the success that it can take as a fashionable complement, but undoubtedly, it is practical. To keep on reading ↓

Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

Image 4 Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

There are four purses that every woman addicted to the fashion, must have. The first one of them, obviously, one “2.55 ″ of Chanel, later an "Amazon" of Loewe, a "Speedy" of Louis Vuitton and how not, this one jewel, a wonderful Fendi "Baguette". It is an investment of a lot of money, but these preciousness is inherited from some to others, and every piece you have your own history, at least when the designers created them.

Independently of me digressions, Silvia Fendi third in the dynasty Fendi, is the creative director of the line of accessories and the manager of being renew across new designs and materials, the classic models that have elevated the mark to top have” of the most select signatures of the planet. That itself is sucecido with the purse Baguette. An icon of the fashion, which how quite, did he need a renewal. And here it is. In two colors (black and makeup), with chains and with adornments in gilding. Elegance in the pure state. But let's go further away because there is something that attracts attention of me especially … to Keep on reading ↓

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