The Letizios or Peep Toe

The Letizios or Peep Toe drinks mariah satinwood peep toe pump purple

Some of which they are considered known about the Spanish fashion have begun naming Letizios to the shoes that does a few periods Louboutin it became fashionable. The outstanding figures Peep Toe there is the footwear most used by the princess of Asturias. Very much heel, front platform and a hole that allows us to teach the fingers are the shoes that define Letizia Ortiz.

Up to this point we agree. The princess is a big fan of this design of shoes. Nevertheless, I do not share the same ideas with those who assure that Peep Toe has increased his sales thanks to Letizia's appearances with them in innumerable acts. To keep on reading ↓

Ann Locking risks with his complements line

z001 Ann Locking risks with his complements line

A based collection almost in its entirety in the black. Materials as the leather and the lacquer accompany to the vertiginous platforms that Ann Locking tries to implant in the streets of the cities more cool of the world. A bold and risky designer, a little that has done posicionarse in one very well place to him in the Spanish fashion.

Purses, belts and both masculine and feminine shoes that they seduce with a simple look. The women you have to do the world from the heights, this way everything is discerned much better. Booties with wedges and wooden platforms with a special detail. The wedges show a silhouette perfectly drawn of a stiletto in black. To keep on reading ↓

Collection spring - summer of Anjara

anjara Collection spring summer of Anjara

The Spanish fashionable signature Anjara proposes a collection for the next summer in which they predominate over the natural textiles, gathers and vaporous cuts. The clean and soft colors dress a feminine, natural and intense woman.

The Anjara pledges, they differ in his force and originality, looking for the serviceability without losing the elegance. His versatility allows them to create different looks, so much for every day as for the most special occasions. To keep on reading ↓

Estrella Archs triumphs in the week of the fashion of Paris

star Estrella Archs triumphs in the week of the fashion of Paris

The Catalan designer, Estrella Archs has presented his collection for autumn - winter 2009/2010 in the week of the fashion of Madrid, being the only present Spaniard in the footbridge of the French capital and to that it returns for third time.

The collection, titled 'Star Lovers' differs in a few pure, precise and graphic lines in soft textiles, like the jersey and before. The rounded shoulders fall down recta on the body in sleeves ranglan and Japanese. The silhouettes turn into optical games with false suits jacket that there are in fact garments. To keep on reading ↓

Footbridge of the Fashion Castile and León

castilla1 Footbridge of the Fashion Castile and León

The Footbridge of the Fashion of Castile and León celebrates this year year his tenth edition, which will take place in Burgos until March 5 and will present the collections autumn - winter 2010 of a whole of 42 designers and 33 companies, between them out-standing signatures as Amaya Arzuaga, Ion Fiz or Maria Lafuente.

In addition to the parades of these designers, the companies of the region will compete in the ‘Contest to the best new designer’ of Castile and León. The footbridge there will parade more than thirty masculine and feminine models, between which there stand out Canary Helen Lindes, Elisabeth Reyes, Priscila de Gustín, Marta Español or Lourdes Coterón chosen as better model of the past edition of Cibeles. To keep on reading ↓

The best of the Calendar Larios 2009

amaia salamanca The best of the Calendar Larios 2009

In the past Cibeles edition there has appeared the last Calendar Larios of the Fashion, which in this 2009 celebrates his 15th anniversary, expiring this way with the annual tradition of the mark, which prepares every year an almanac led by some of the most wished bodies of the country.

Since it has being a tradition, the calendar comes a little late, because the year it is already more that released, so only it contains in February to December, and the last page completes with an advance of the year 2010. This decision turns out to be a little strange, but we already know that the marketing strategy is the one that is in charge and this way Madrid Fashion Week uses the frame of the footbridge for the presentation. To keep on reading ↓

Custo presents his sneakers

custo2 Custo presents his sneakers

Custo Barcelona, the fashionable mark founded by the brothers Custodio and David Dalmau in 1996, initiates his assault to the world of the sports footwear throwing his first collection of sneakers, which will add themselves to his already extensive and recognized career in the world of the fashion and the design.
The Spanish mark can presume already to have obtained an international victory with his marked chance style, and without having resigned not even an apex to its own personality constructed with wide doses of color, sense of humor and risky cuts. Now the designer Custo Dalmau impregnates from his personal philosophy to the sector of the footwear. The signature presents this way his first collection of sports sneakers for the summer 2009, in which the intense colors and the graphs are the protagonists. To keep on reading ↓

Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

pigeon lake Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

For the second year in a row, the fans of the fashion we could have enjoyed the footbridge Cibeles thanks to the Antenna coverage 3. After the harvested results the previous period, the chain of Planet trusts again in the big appointment of the Spanish fashion.

In an initiative without precedents in the national television, the chain has dedicated a special programming dedicated to one of the most important events for the followers of the last tendencies. The coverage of the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2009 has been realized in Antenna Nongoes, one of the channels of TDT of Antenna 3, and in Internet, in addition to some connections for programs like ‘Public Mirror’. To keep on reading ↓

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week opens his doors

footbridge cibeles Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week opens his doors

There begins one of the moments more waited by the followers of the Spanish fashion. Today, Friday, the 20th of February begins Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and the next one will close his doors 24 of this month. A calendar replete with events, many fashionistas have his full agendas and they manage to do theirs what they have to do between parade and parade, of course they will have to get lost the glass that the designers usually give after the spectacle. Nevertheless, it is not going to be an easy task that thing about to combine personal matters and parades because this edition takes place in IFEMA.

Despite to the small disadvantage of the distance, I am a supporter of that is celebrated in the park of the Retirement, it promises to be unforgettable. The big couturiers of our country exhibit his best creations under a show of which the most minimal detail is even thought. For the designers and his team the footbridge starts six months earlier when they have to begin creating the new tendencies. Last weeks before the presentation of the collection are of maximum tension. The creative team, under the designer's supervision, they must find the way of surprising the public with the staging, the music, the lights … everything is born in mind. To keep on reading ↓

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