Milan Fashion Week: Prada

prada1 Milan Fashion Week: Prada

The signature led by Miuccia Prada presented his awaited collection for the next period spring - summer in the Milan Fashion Week. The good-looking Italian designer for a fashion full of contrasts and alternatives, in which everything has capacity.

According to words of the proper Miuccia, his fashion is that of the “new executive led to the beach”. A proposal with two very definite axes: on the one hand we have a series of office looks and for other a relaxed fashion inspired by the beach. In the first part of the parade, Prada presented several designs for modern executives, like summer overcoats, shorts and vests cut to fork and without seams.

prada2 Milan Fashion Week: Prada

As contrast to these austere pledges, the seamstress enriches the designs with luxurious incrustations of gems and glazing. These baroque details put the luxurious counterpoint to sober pieces in black, white person or gray.

prada3 Milan Fashion Week: Prada

The second Prada inspiration is the beach life of the 50s and 60s, from which it creates relaxed and coloristic pledges like tops in the shape of trapeze or monoshorts. The colors palette is you lead for blue, magentas and yellow, on that it prints beach patterns that rather look like photos.

Image: Vogue

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