Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

bottega2 Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

The Milan Fashion Week has received one of his parades more esperadados, that of Bottega Veneta. The Italian signature has presented his new collection for the period spring - summer 2010, a proposal marked by the simplicity and the purity of his designs, with comfortable pledges and of esptíritu sports that, nevertheless, do not resign from the sophistication.

The karate uniforms serve as inspiration to Tomas Maier, who bases on the serene forms of these pledges to give life to his creations, to which it wraps of light colors belts. In the same way, also it is inspired in the art of the origami, which gives place to light and surprising jackets.

bottega1 Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

The collection of Bottega Veneta resorts to materials like the cotton cloth or the taffeta, which they pass to exquisite combinations of silk and viscose, silk and cotton or silk and linen. The colors palette becomes serene, with predominance predominance of the target and the tones ivory. As contrast, strokes interfere of red, blue, yellow or magenta.

The forms of architectural style are to the service of the freedom of movement. The covered and wrapped cloths are cut of asymmetric form to return to his origin, or are made without seams to improve the movement of the body. The garments and tunics with cotton belts, as well as the pants of straight cut, are the pledges star of the collection.

Botega Veneta bets for complements that highlight the purity of the pledges. The footwear is inspired in the handmade espadrilles, which are realized in raffia, lacquer leather or skin of lizard. The purses, of generous size, support the harmony of the coleccción, following the same palette of soft colors.

bottega3 Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

As golden brooch to the parade, Tomas Maier presented three sophisticated holiday garments in black, eggplant and orange. For the night, the designer entrusts in the neckline honor word and the exquisite drapeados.

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