Who is … Marc Jacobs

m1 Who is... Marc Jacobs

Very few will be those who have not ever heard speaking about Marc Jacobs, one of the most excellent names of the world of the fashion. The talent of the North American designer has done to him posicionarse in the highest, harvesting multitude of awards and placing his designs in all the corners. Despite his age, his influence in the history of the fashion is already a fact but: Do you know really who is? How has become what is?

Marc Jacobs has at present 46 years, but a long and prolific career behind him. Born in 1963 in Upper West Side of New York, Marc felt from very small the call of the fashion. According to his declarations, his grandmother has been the biggest influence of his life, and from child it taught him to sew and weave, waking up this way his vocation. At the age of 15, Jacobs already realized very well his future, and it registered in the Higher institute of learning of Art and Design. To keep on reading ↓

Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Image 11 Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Under pronounced character and a very Spanish name, Lola, appears the new floral fragrance of the designer Marc Jacobs for this one Autumn - winter 2009/2010. The whole delight for the smell in which the freshness and the happiness of his extract coexist with the care packaging in the one that the magic philter of the period is protected.

The notes of pink pepper, pear and grapefruit compose the extract of this one delightful fragrance, which intermingles with the peony, the roses and the geraniums. For the base of a perfume that gives more famine that you gain of making use of him, the vanilla, the musk and the bean tonka. The creators of Yann Vasnier and Calice Becker have achieved a wonderful result that there receives with very much pride and illusion the visionary of the fashion Marc Jacbos. To keep on reading ↓

Purses of Marc's canvas by Marc Jacobs

Image 16 Purses of Marc's canvas by Marc Jacobs

The designer of New York Marc Jacobs realizes the sense of expectancy that his designs wake up. Due to it, it does not get tired of throwing new products destined to turn in must have for his most faithful followers. And like good visionary of the fashion, he knows what to do, so that the sighs and the cartels of "Exhausted" hang on his products. And this is what is going to happen next September 30 when these put on sale incredible canvas purses. That will be the youngest part of his line, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

With a very accessible price of only 130 €, the design pop sets off like base of a few entertaining, juvenile and very feminine purses. With coloristic funds and this wild touch with kittens and mice (logo indisputable of the signature of the New Yorker), Marc shows us how to turn a boring canvas purse into everything one it product. To keep on reading ↓

The Madonna's first image for the new campaign of Louis Vuitton

madonna louisvuitton the Madonna's First image for the new campaign of Louis Vuitton

Without words it has left to me this image, the first one that is published of the new campaign of Louis Vuitton. The complements signature repeats collaboration with Madonna, after the polemic spring - summer 2009 campaign. If what was claiming the French house was to break completely with his previous image, the target has been fulfilled fully.

For this new campaign belonging to the next period autumn - winter, Louis Vuitton has trusted again in the photographer Steven Meisel. How we see, the final score shows to a Madonna retouched up to the end, in whom it shows off 15 years. Too artificial and exaggerated: Is this image suitable for Louis Vuitton?. What you does it seem?. To keep on reading ↓

The last genius of Marc Jacobs and peseta: the ukeleke bag

7 the last genius of Marc Jacobs and peseta: the ukeleke bag

The previous collaborations between the famous designer Marc Jacobs and the signature of Madrid peseta, made the couturier so satisfied neoyorkino, that it has not been thought two times at the time of repeating the experience. In this third collaboration, after the bolsaco and the pasaportera, the union of both talents has given as turned out a new sample of originality, the bag of ukulele.

An original briefcase to transport the ukele, this spice of typical teeny-weeny guitar of the music from Hawaii. This is the starting point of this entertaining complement, a delight of ideal bag for the weekend escapes. To keep on reading ↓

The fuchsia conquers the feminine footwear

Image 12 The fuchsia conquers the feminine footwear

The fuchsia has turned into color of the period Spring / summer 2009 and it seems that it has returned to remain. The big designers of the fashion have appealed to the colors fluorine to make his proposals happy and to make his designs happy with a living and elegant color that stops being in the negligence an essential one turns into everything.

Marc Jacobs or Givenchy have bet for applying it to his lines of complements and shoes. On the one hand, Givenchy dares with a few sandals in skin perforated and tied to the ankle for the warm days of summer; while Marc Jacobs advances in his collection Autumn / winter to us 2009/10 this heel shoe in lacquer fuchsia and with crystal incrustations with that, I am sure, that you will not happen unnoticed.

A color that goes beyond the big designers and which we can already enjoy in the marks collections like H&M or Zara. What we would do without these shops! So you will have to look a little more if you want to take the color of the period wearing your feet.

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Awards CFDA 2009: All the prizewinners

12 awards CFDA 2009: All the prizewinners

One of the events most waited by the lovers of the fashion, the gala of delivery of the ‘Awards CFDA’, it was celebrated yesterday in New York assembling designers, models and celebrities that there did not want to get lost the called “Oscars of the fashion”. The American association of designers delivered the coveted awards that were rewarding the best designers in diverse categories, during a night full of surprises and with a big absence, that of the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, which was going to receive a special award.

The gala served to crown one of the designers more in the shape of last times, Marc Jacobs, who is years did not go away of gap on having received the Award to the Best International Designer. The brilliant couturier neoyorkino did not manage to do to himself with the awards the Best Designer of Feminine Fashion or Better Designer of Accessories, which it was nominated also, but yes that was recognized by his work at the head of Louis Vuitton. To keep on reading ↓

It looks at the Marela invites you to know his Showroom

inv classic toscana brown Sight the Marela invites you to know his Showroom

lately there is very fashionable to do flea markets and outlets of big it marks to sell the previous collections that they have not managed to sell. Every day, on having lit my computer, I am and a new mail with promotions of big discounts. We can find signatures of the first like Marc Jacobs or Celine to 50 and even to 70 %. To keep on reading ↓

Nominated to the Awards CFDA 2009

1 Nominated to the Awards CFDA 2009

Of this way the couturiers have presented before themselves to announce the list of nominations to the prestigious Awards CFDA. Although in other years she was usually a model the one that was leading the announcement, in this occasion one has chosen to give the leading role to the fashionable designers.

Marc Jacobs, with the famous ears of rabbit that there already took Madonna, Jason Wu with a garment of his on the suit, or Alexander Wang they have been photographed by Craig McDean for the commemorative catalog of the awards. The gala of delivery of award celerbará next June 15 in Lincoln Center of Piece of news york. To keep on reading ↓

Fashion of bath of Marc Jacobs

marcbybano03 Fashion of bath of Marc Jacobs

One of the most requested designers of the moment, Marc Jacobs, has thrown himself to the conquest of the fashion of bath. The couturier has thrown a new line of swimsuits and bikinis for his mark Marc by Marc Jacobs, which he has impregnated with his personal stamp.

A proposal of more in for this summer, which the followers of the last tendencies will enjoy. The designer of the moment, proposes entertaining clothes of bath, characterized by his juvenile character. To keep on reading ↓

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