Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

w1 Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

The spirit of the eighties is more present that never, and one of his pledges icónicas, the leggins, there will be one ‘must have’ of this period. Far from losing force, this autumn the leggins will be the pledge protagonist, as the principal designers have already anticipated us in his collections, or the fashionable signatures ‘low cost’.

This autumn - winter, the leggins will gain leading role, and there will no be already mere complements to go below garments and skirts. The leggins will be shown in all his splendor, as if there were pants, and will present before themselves in a wide variety of textiles, forms and patterns. The models will cause fury to the purest punk style ochentero of leather aspect, like the black with zippers who proposes Tezenis to us, or with tacks in the low part, like that of Target. To keep on reading ↓

Handle believe your own closet in Facebook

handle Handle Believe your own closet in Facebook

Once again, the signature it surprises Handle again us with an initiative of the most novel and original. Betting for the use of the new technologies and experimenting with the interactive formats, Handle has always created a new application for the popular social network Facebook.

The users who are aimed to the network will be able to interact with this new format online, a system to create a personal closet with the pledges of the Spanish signature. ‘Your closet by Handle’ it will allow the followers of the mark, and of the fashion in general, to be able to play with the imagination and design your own virtual closet. To keep on reading ↓

Handle throws Think Up, pledges selection at limited prices

handle Handle throws Think Up, pledges selection at limited prices

In crisis times the ingenuity sharpens, that's why every time there are more the fashionable signatures that look for new proposals to attract his clients. One of them is a Handle, the most international Spanish signature, which has thrown a new fashionable concept ‘low cost’, that a more accessible fashion tries to help us to enjoy for our pockets.

Under the motto “Special prices for to creative living” (”special Prices for a creative life style”), it is based the concept ‘Think Up‘ in a selection of more than 90 pledges and complements between all the collections of the mark at a much more limited price. From August 28, we can find in the shops Handle of the whole world the pieces selected by incredible prices. To keep on reading ↓

Fifth edition of quemepongobymango, the site of councils of Handle

handle Conscripts edition of quemepongobymango, the site of councils of Handle

A new period, and five go already, Handle remains bet on his initiative 'quemepongobymango', an advices microsite on fashion design and fashion created by the Spanish signature. This virtual space is one of the big successes of the mark, and in his last period it went so far as to register more than 700.000 visits. The site 'quemepongobymango' is a format intercativo in the one that advices offer themselves on fashion and tendencies and different clothes combinations appear to go to the last one.

For this new edition, Handle has been provided with the collaboration of Laura Ponte and the American model Dree Hemingway, great-granddaughter of the insiogne writer Ernest Hemingway, and daughter of the actress Mariel Hemingway. The 20-year-old young model, there substitutes this way to Dacota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith, who was the image of the microsite in the previous campaign. To keep on reading ↓

Handle, collection autumn - winter 2009

handle 01 Handle, collection autumn I hibernate 2009

Since we have already seen in other collections, like Zara, the tendency this winter it is to show a look rocker, and the color, par excellence, the black … could not be different. Handle has presented his catalog for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, proper dark tones of the coldest epochs but in whose pledges watch scraps of the summer color.

Rocker bets handle for a style and it does it by means of leather, cowboy, lycra and the applications of tacks and zippers in pledges and complements. Very much black, spangles, exact minigarments, animal patterns and pants of novel cuts.

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Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

mng Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

The Spanish signature Handle has presented his new fragrance, Lady Rebel, and for it it has celebrated a holiday for everything high with the most select of the social panorama in Ibiza. The discotheque Bazaar, one of the darlings for the vip's who visit the island, was the place chosen for the spectacular holiday, one of more important that it has received Ibiza this summer.

To announce his new fragrance, the signature realized an original presentation with four crystal cabins. Lady Rebel is a rebellious, feminine and spontaneous perfume that takes as principal notes the menthol frecor of the mojito, the delicacy of the petals of rose and the sensuality of the sugar of vanilla.

The celebration of Handle congregated to more than 500 guests, between whom there were out-standing international personalities of the high society, the aristocracy, the art and the sport. The famous singer British James Blunt acted like godfather of honor of the new fragrance, and along with him there were actors as José Corbacho and Arturo Valls, sportsmen as Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Albert Costa, or representatives of the social panorama as Carla Goyanes.

Route: Terra

The new fashionable Handle girls

mango1 The new fashionable Handle girls

A few months ago, we were surprising Handle announcing the incorporation of Scarlett Johansson as new image of the signature. The actress opened all his weapon and his glamor in his new campaign, and his presentation in Madrid was the whole event mediático. Nevertheless, a new batch of young talents they might go so far as to eclipse the star of Hollywood.

You have left with these names: Daisy Lowe, Leigh Lezark, Riley Keough and Marie Ange Casta. There are the new faces for which there is postado the Spanish signature for his new catalog autumn - winter 2009-2010, four young models that are going to give much that to speak in a next future. To keep on reading ↓

Cyber you reduce: (II) finds bargains in the network

r1 Cyber you reduce: (II) finds bargains in the network

Insurance that at this point of the summer, already you have done to yourself with a good pledges shipment in the summer reductions. If it is not the case, or you want to keep on extending your closet, it is the moment to find these incredible bargains: mark clothes with succulent offers, discounts of up to 70 % in your favorite marks or pledges descatalogadas at balance price.

That's why, today we propose a fantastic option to you to find these pledges that you have always wished and that till now you could not afford. Your solution there are the outlets online, where there sell the stocks of production, the products descatalogados, of other periods, or with small tares, which you can acquire at a very low price. To keep on reading ↓

Scarlett Johansson presents in Madrid the new Handle campaign

johansson Scarlett Johansson presents in Madrid the new Handle campaign

The actress Scarlett Johansson has appeared today before the Spanish means to present the awaited campaign of Handle, his first collaboration with the Spanish signature. The sex symbol came punctually to his appointment, in the Hotel Santo Mauro of Madrid, and there it posed before the numerous representatives of the press who there congregated.

Making a show of his chameleon-like capacity, Scarlett surprised showing a long hair of color reddish-brown, which he had gathered backwards. Dressed completely in Handle, since it could not be otherwise, the actress chose a gauze blouse deep blue and a black straight skirt with high waist, which it combined with a few shoes of platform of gray color.

Scarlett, who substitutes Penélope Cruz as image of the signature, has led the new campaign for the period autumn - winter 2009. The photos meeting was realized in a study of Los Angeles, where the star posed for the photographer Mario Sorrenti.

After four periods with Penélope as image, the decision of Handle to hire Scarlett took all of us for surprise. Precisely, the North American affirmed that thanks to Penélope, with which it coincided with the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona“, it knew the Spanish signature, since Cross taught him his designs for the mark.

Route: YoDonna

Scarlett Johansson substitutes Penélope Cruz as Handle image

19 Scarlett Johansson substitutes Penélope Cruz as Handle image

I hurt of prima donnas in the Catalan signature. the North American actress Scarlett Johansson will replace the Spaniard Penélope Cruz like image of the new campaign of Handle. Although two actresses shared screen in the last movie of Woody Allen, ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘, Penélope turned out to be a winner of the contest, being done by the favor of the criticism and by the long-awaited Oscar.

In this occasion, she is Scarlett he is imposed on the Spaniard, since the neoyorkina will give his beautiful face and his curvilinear figure to the Spanish fashionable mark. The actress has posed with the Handle models for the meeting of photos that will illustrate the next campaign autumn - winter of the signature of Barcelona. To keep on reading ↓

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