Louis Vuitton celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the man to the Moon

l11 Louis Vuitton celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the man to the Moon

The fashionable signature Louis Vuitton has not wanted to allow to spend the occasion to celebrate one of the most important events of the history: the arrival of the man for the first time to the Moon. Owing to 40 anniversary of this historical milestone, the French house has celebrated a magnificent holiday in the Natural history museum of New York, at which models have been present, celebrities and astronauts.

The model Adriana Lima presumed of his happy pregnancy in the Vuitton holiday. The Brazilian chose a nice garment of blue draft of court empire, which he accompanied of a few heel sandals in gilding. The most nice, as always. To keep on reading ↓

The Madonna's first image for the new campaign of Louis Vuitton

madonna louisvuitton the Madonna's First image for the new campaign of Louis Vuitton

Without words it has left to me this image, the first one that is published of the new campaign of Louis Vuitton. The complements signature repeats collaboration with Madonna, after the polemic spring - summer 2009 campaign. If what was claiming the French house was to break completely with his previous image, the target has been fulfilled fully.

For this new campaign belonging to the next period autumn - winter, Louis Vuitton has trusted again in the photographer Steven Meisel. How we see, the final score shows to a Madonna retouched up to the end, in whom it shows off 15 years. Too artificial and exaggerated: Is this image suitable for Louis Vuitton?. What you does it seem?. To keep on reading ↓

Scarlett Johansson is carried of elle France

ScarlettJohansson3 Scarlett Johansson is carried of elle France

One of the most wished actresses of last times and the advertizing campaigns fight for it. One of the most popular feminine publications on a global scale, elle, has chosen it like front of his French edition. Also Scarlett Johansson allows to photograph herself with designs of Louis Vuitton.

A renewed image of the artist, with the black hair jet and a quite white complexion, to which it already has us used. Photos that they us remind to the extremely feminine woman of the 50s. Scarlett's snapshots allow us to verify how the actress has slimmed, although I believe that it owes more to the wonderful Photoshop hardware. To keep on reading ↓

Louis Vuitton celebrates the arrival of the man to the Moon

louis vuitton astronauts Louis Vuitton celebrates the arrival of the man to the Moon

The fashionable signature Luis Vuitton presents to us owing to forty anniversary of the arrival of the man to the Moon, his exclusive collection of trip Core Values. The advertizing image has been led for the first time in the history of the fashion by astronauts.

The elegance and exclusivity of this French signature has been recognized in inumerables occasions along the history. In this occasion, we surprise Louis Vuitton with this campaign promoting the traveling spirit of his collections, which is the engine of his creations. In words of the proper Vuitton “Traveling is an emotional experience, a process of discovery of one himself”.

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The "Soul" of Louis Vuitton to any color

louis vuitton monogram vernis soul The Soul of Louis Vuitton to any color

The outstanding figure of Louis Vuitton, "Alma Bag" is reinvented for the summer and they present them to us in a few showy, sensual and very happy colors where the lacquer and the femininity acquire absolute leading role.

With a line of 6 different colors, which go from apple green, orange, fuchsia, red, brown or blue, the Soul has again the leading role that is deserved and turns into the whole product of perfect cult for the summer. The pattern Monogram in this one occasion recorded in the purse, it expresses tact and the elegance to an already consecrated version.

Since you can imagine, the finished ones are equal of fantastic in all the products of the house, therefore if definitely you cheer up to buy one of this one jewels, the only thing that you must think is in the color in which you want to have it.

Neverfull Damier. The "it" bag changes pattern

image 8 Neverfull Damier. The it bag changes pattern

Although it is true that Speedy Bag is the most sold purse of the French maison Louis Vuitton, secondly the fantastic Neverfull goes. Similar as for the form to the classic perfect wicker bassinets to go to the beach, the Neverfull is the ideal purse for every day in the stressful city.

But, since it usually happens, everything is tiring. Due to this, and with very much criterion, the French house has decided to make him a reestyling and offer to the buyers this model with a pattern different from the outstanding figure Monogram. Damier has been the elected one. An elegant design that resembles the checkers to us in clear and dark brown pictures, and in which there was already available one a wide scale of purses of the house trunk. Now it is the shift of the Neverfull.

In three different sizes, according to the need for each of you, and with an impressive interior that leaves the already obsolete beige of his version in the Monogram, to pass to a beautiful red cocktail with brown chocolate. Perfect for Autumn / winter: Does not it seem to you?

Photo: Louis Vuitton

He calculates budget for the perfect gift the day of the mother

louis vuitton rossy of palm Calculates budget for the perfect gift the day of the mother

The mothers of the whole Spain wait anxious for the gift of the first Sunday of May, his day. They put illusion to everything and more if it is related to his children or his couple. The day of the mother arose like a commercial strategy to encourage the consumerism, but the true thing is that it has turned in one very special day. It is the perfect date to thank our mother for everything what it does for us.

They usually say that the gift imports it what it counts is the intention, but I do not agree, the gift if it matters. Major all that is the intention of surprising your mother, the gift is better. I do not refer to an expensive gift. Your mother knows which your possibilities are, but you also meet your mother and know how to surprise it. To keep on reading ↓

Remain frozen with Louis Vuitton

2g Remain frozen with Louis Vuitton

The French maison delights us for this Spring / summer 2009 with a spectacular collaboration. Madonna, Stephen Sprouse or Sophia Coppola might say and I am sure that you would not surprise by no means. But: and if I say to you that it is does collaboration come with the wonderful Spanish stamp? Tic, tac, tic, tac

I give you a few tracks: actress, muse of Almodovar and one of the women with more class and personality of the country. You already know it: truth? Since yes. The big Rossy of Palm has collaborated in the first person for the achievement of these fans with a very Spanish air.

Under the name of “The eye of the conscience”, Of Palm and Vuitton Orphanaid will destine the finished collection of the sales of these two jewels to the ONG Africa of which Rossy is a godmother. If you want to do with one of them you must know that they will be to the sale from May 31 in the shops of the French house of the Spanish territory for 400 euros each one. To keep on reading ↓

Takashi Murakami exhibits in the Guggenheim of Bilbao

building lv Takashi Murakami exhibits in the Guggenheim of Bilbao

This Japanese artist shows in one of the most cosmopolitan museums of the country to his stars, Miss Ko2 (a barmaid who wants to be a singer), to Kai Kai and Ki Ki (two faces of the same currency, the oddness and the tenderness) and to Mr. Dob (a creature created from Mickey Mouse y Sonic). For us this is completely unknown, but in East Takashi Murakami is an idol of masses and his creations wished by many.

The Guggenheim hides between his walls an exciting trip for the world of the animation and the sleeve, a homage to the pop art that public's such a wide fan attracts. In the exhibition also we can observe the coloristic contributions to the iconography of one of the more valued signatures of purses, Louis Vuitton. To keep on reading ↓

To rent mark purses is fashionable

louis vuitton2 to Rent mark purses is fashionable

We are great the women that we die for the spectacular purses of the most prestigious marks of the ground. I always say that the complements are quite of a look, the most important of the set it is the election of the purse and the shoes. The purses that us pirran have a few prices that are not within reach of anyone. Much less if what we like is to renew every period.

For these economic questions and some reason of space, there arose the idea of renting mark purses for one week, two or three, that depends already on you. In the USA this practice is carried out for some time, for what there are great the women who rent a purse every week. The sensation of taking an expensive purse of one of the fashionable designers makes you feel powerful. It is an unforgettable sensation. He imagines how it would be to show a purse of different mark every week for only 30 euros. You would be he sends it of the office. To keep on reading ↓

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