The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

mtv1 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

We keep on revising the looks of the celebrities in the past gala of the MTV Musical Awards. An event that he has not emphasized especially for the good taste of his guests, except few exceptions. In this awards delivery the important thing is to stand out, sacrificing sometimes the good fashion designs for the spectacle.

A pleasant surprise was the look of Solange Knowles, the hermanísima of Beyoncé. The singer risked for once, and went out winning in the red carpet. Solange usually does not with his fashion designs, but this time supó take prettily this original design of Armand Basi happen.

mtv2 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

Most of the guests to the awards MTV were praised by the minigarments, like Alice Keys and Rose Byrne. The singer bet for the tendency of ‘little black dress’, with a design of Dolce and Gabanna adorned with silver circles. Very correct but he has not just convinced me. For his part, the actress Rose Byrne chose a minigarment with floral pattern of Marc Jacobs who accompanied with a few black peep toes.

mtv3 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

Finally, is necessary to stand out two of the most unfortunate fashion designs of the gala: Katy Perry and Jennifer López. The first one stuffed a skater's suit silver, so small that scarcely it was covering the just thing. For his part, Jennifer López signed a disastrous look again, destroying a design of Louis Vuitton with neck and sleeves in velvet. The worst thing of everything, to combine it with a few peep toes abotinados of feline pattern.

Image: MTV

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