Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

p1 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The magazine People has prepared one of his popular lists on the better dressed celebrities. In this case it is not a question of one of these typical numbered ránking, but of a series of emphasized according to different categories. One of them is Kate Winslet, that according to the publication (and many, between which I include myself), are emphasized by him for his innate elegance and his good taste at the time of choosing model. The British actress can always extract party to his beauty in the red carpet, with a glamorous and sophisticated style without shrillness.

Other one of the emphasized ones by the magazine has been also actress Rethis Whiterspoon, deserving of being in the list for his good use of the short garments. The American is, according to People, an example of how taking the minigarments and showing his legs with style. Between his favorites are the Fendi designs or to Roll you, infallible for the red carpet.

p2 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

One of the surprises of the list of People the young actress Vanessa Hudgens leads it. The protagonist of ‘Musical High School’ does not emphasize that like one of the better dressed celebrities, nevertheless, for the publication the title is usually deserved of “The best style chic hippie”.

Singer Taylor Swift, involuntary protagonist of the past MTV Music Awards, has been emphasized by People as the famous one that better use does of the difficult sheens. For sample, the glamor that wasted in the awards MTV with a garment tunic of Kaufman Franco.

p3 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

Another singer, the megastar Beyoncé Knowles, is different of the incluídas in the list of the best dressed ones according to People. The artist stands out for taking like nobody the chance chic style.

Spotted Freida, the beautiful protagonist of ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘, has stood out especially in his last public appearances. For People, the young Indian star is the celebritie that better use does of the color. Will it be that everything suits him?

p4 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The first lady Michelle Obama has conquered to half a world with his impeccable fashion design. According to the American publication, Michelle deserves the title of ‘better accessible glamor’, for Rodríguez incorporates to his wardrobe from pledges of Gap and J.Crew up to designs of Michael Kors or Narcissus.

Nicole Richie has gained himself to pulse his inclusion in the list for taking his maternity with style. Nicole, that premom has just thrown his first clothes line, is an example of that to be pregnant does not mean to resign to the style.

p5 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The celebrity that better divided extracts him to the jeans is, according to People, the actress Cameron Díaz. The blonde knows how a few jeans to be stuffed with style, combining them with delicate top for the most elegant occasions, or taking them like part of a good urban look.

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