Kate Moss for Topshop: Autumn - winter 2009-2010

k1 Kate Moss for Topshop: Autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

After the successes obtained with his previous collaborations, the signature Topshop he trusts again in Kate Moss like his best trick to devastate this autumn. The designs of the British top model have caused fury between the fashionistas, and his collections for the mark low cost are always of the most awaited every period.

The new collection of Kate Moss for the period autumn - winter 2009-2010 is loaded with airs rockers, designs inspired in the 80s. In this occasion, the model there are imprimido to his models a more serious air of the habitual one in previous collaborations. To keep on reading ↓

It obtains the look of Kate Moss … for 18 euros

clone Consigue the look of Kate Moss... for 18 euros

We already know that that thing about to copy the models of the big designers is to the agenda. It is not strange at all to see in the shop windows of any shops ‘low cost’ the designs calcaditos of the most popular couturiers. But far from hiding his intentions, some shops go “inspired in” to the end. This is the case of the department stores ASDA, which they have put at the disposal of his clients a 'clone' of Balmain shown by Kate Moss.

The popular British chain of supermarkets, he has wanted to put the clothes of the celebrities within reach of all, with an initiative of the most peculiar thing. If you have always wanted to dress yourself like the famous persons, but your budget does not allow it to you, this is yours. To keep on reading ↓

Gisele Bündchen is the best full model again

gisele bundchen max factor Gisele Bündchen is the best full model again

The Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen heads for third consecutive year the better list of the full models of the world. The traditional ránking that Forbes prepares the magazine, it crowns the of Rio de Janeiro one again like the manikin more powerful with the world of the fashion, going bust of the first position sidesaddle Kate Moss, who was the one that previously was obtaining this merit.

To his 29 years, Gisele, there turns for third time into the model with the caché more high place, fruit of his statuesque body and his fresh and modern image. With a fortune estimated in 25 million dollars, the Brazilian is the top most coveted by the big signatures, like Dior, Versace, Valentino or Dolce&Gabanna, between many others. To keep on reading ↓

The gala of the MET: better dressed

model muse metropolitan1a The gala of the MET: better dressed

The charitable holiday of Costume Institute celebrated yesterday in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, served like every year, to assemble celebrities of the world of the fashion, of the music and of the movies that paraded with his best finery. In this occasion, between the stars that paraded the red carpet, the excesses and the glamor reigned in his elections.

A gala, with which homage was yielding to the most excellent models of the history, with the exhibition “Model grasp to muse”. Organized by Marc Jacobs, who came to the event accompanied by his muse, Kate Moss, the “big holiday of the fashion” reflected the last tendencies of the fashion, where there was no space for the abstinence. To keep on reading ↓

A model of Kate Moss, elected Garment of the Year in England

moss 169613s A model of Kate Moss, elected Garment of the Year in England

It will never stop surprising Kate Moss us. The British model triumphs over the footbridges, like image of the most important signatures, and lately in his successful career like designer. Now, Moss adds a new recognition to his creative facet, since one of his designs for the signature Topshop has been chosen like the best garment of the year in England.

The prestigious Museum of the Fashion of Bath, which is provided with one of the biggest fashionable collections of the world, has given the top model the award Dressed in the Year, which is granted from 1963. To keep on reading ↓

New collection of Kate Moss for Topshop

kate2 New collection of Kate Moss for Topshop

Once again, the top model Kate Moss there is alíado with the British mark Topshop to create a new collection that undoubtedly will be one of the explosions of this period.

The proposal covers with stars of Moss for this spring - summer there are the minigarments, a pledge basic for the model. In this occasion, Moss reinvents them basing them on the asymmetries, and changing the spring patterns of other collections, for the predominance of the dark colors. Especially out-standing is the black, always favoring and elegant. To keep on reading ↓

The Longchamp cosmos triumphs between the famous ones

cosmos The Longchamp cosmos triumphs between the famous ones

Every period the stars of another side of the puddle we surprise with a model of new purse that it will turn in most wished of the year. Of course there are mark purses with a few exhorbitant prices. The famous ones are the best shop windows, nothing like giving him a copy of the new model to Kate Moss or Gisele Bündchen so that the rest of the women - fronts wants it.

Longchamp has triumphed with his new creation to which it has called Cosmos. We can find it in diverse colors and materials, from skin even finished in astrakhan. It is a purse thought for a modern woman who spends a lot of time to herself out of house, a purse of 24 hours. Practical, with style and cosmopolitan (as his name indicates). To keep on reading ↓

Kate Moss gives his image to the spring / summer of Roberto Cavalli

moospor1 Kate Moss gives his image to the spring / summer of Roberto Cavalli

The designers think very very much to whom to choose like image of his campaigns, is a fundamental part of the strategies of marketing. A well-known face can do that it sells very much or that not even half of the awaited thing sells. For this motive they risk very few, and bet on insurance. Since it is the case of Roberto Cavalli choosing Kate Moss.

The top model leads the campaign along with Justin Gaston and Kerry Degman. A Kate Moos more seductive than never. A wild attitude that matches with the pledges of animal patterns. A few photos full of color, where the green of the forest receives leading role as fund of the same one. To keep on reading ↓

Clubmaster, the last glasses of Ray-Ban

clubmaster Clubmaster, the last glasses of Ray Ban

The next week we celebrate the Father's day great and they are those who wait for fantastic gifts of his wife and children, or at least on the part of some of the two. For it, we are going to advise you that to buy to the parents more "molones" next March 19.

We can surprise the most modern parents with the new Ray-bay glasses. If last summer more "in" of the moment were the Wayfarer in red or in any of the created colors, at this station of the sun and flat that approaches, the house good-looking Ray-Ban for the Clubmaster. To keep on reading ↓

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