Bracelets style Punk, quite one “must have

Image 61 Bracelets style Punk, the whole must have

The urban culture and punk of the 80s takes possession of the world of the fashion this next Autumn - winter 2009/10. Designs full of tacks, spikes and other decorative elements that are accompanied of leather and turn to the complements in collector's authentic pieces.

Example of this increasing tendency, we are provided with the line of the Briton Eddie Borgo. A few designs full of freshness that transmit a very personal energy in each of the pieces of his collection. Bringing together the geometry and the architectural elements, the designer sees captured in bracelets, necklaces and rings this merger between the materials like the leather and the metallic insertions in three tones: Golden, silver-platings and bronzes.

A very interesting proposal and that it is sure that we will see in the streets and in the shops the next period. For the time being, we remain with these ideal jewels to combine with lycra garments, leggins, wide T-shirts and pants skinny.

It sees to the Tous holiday with Kylie Minogue

2958781761 ee643b5252 Sees to the Tous holiday with Kylie Minogue

Tous has wanted to celebrate with his most faithful clientele the throwing of his collection of jewels for spring 2009. Since it has already done in other occasions it has selected a recognized artist internationally, Kylie Minogue.

The signature of Spanish jewelry shop offers the possibility of gaining a magnificent weekend in Paris, in the luxurious hotel Le Meurice. Do you want to know how to obtain the award?, since it is very simple. Tous has created his web page is an entertaining interactive game across which you have to help Kylie to look for seven pieces that him have fallen down of the impressive necklace that it takes. To keep on reading ↓

Warlock inaugurates his On-line shop

sorcerer belly pink sapphires v1 Warlock inaugurates his shop On line

Every time we are more the women that we do not arrange of free time to do our personal buys. If we have a little bit or weekends we like spending it with the people that we love and not of shop in shop. For it, there are great the marks that they allow us to buy through the network.

One of the last marks in be raising to the car of the On-line sale has been Warlock. At the moment we can only have the famous persons brujitos of the signature. A piece thought for the modern women after those whom it fascinates show good taste and elegance with discreet and functional pieces. To keep on reading ↓

France Santana: jewels between the chic thing and the urban thing

jewel 2 France Santana: jewels between the chic thing and the urban thing

The jewels designer France Santana presents his last collection to us, on horseback between the chic thing and the urban thing, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets or ideal rings to show this spring - summer. For this collection, the designer bets for the natural and marine elements, like conches and conches, or stones that etrelazan with pearls, glazing, leather, wood, wires or horn of cow.

It is a question of a line fresh and original, full of color, of direct inspiration in the nature, ideal to combine with any elegant, but informal pledge, and to adopt a free look and much to tone with the station and the environment.

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The jewels Basel de Versace are a good gift for Mom

carried The jewels Basel de Versace are a good gift for Mom

Versace reinvents jewels of last decades. With inspiration in the 50s to surprise for his design and materials. For tastes the colors, the Italian signature knows that well therefore he has decided to create very different lines, inspired in different sectors of his wide public.

The collection that Dafne has called is the one that more remembers us to the golden years. Geometric forms in different colors like white, yellow, black, red. Amethysts perfectly carved decorated in the corners with the logotype of the mark. We can choose between golden or silver mount. To keep on reading ↓

Collection of Helena Rohner for Moss

moss Collection of Helena Rohner for Moss

The prestigious designer of jewels Helena Rohner has joined to the complements signature Moss to create a very special accessories collection for woman. This is not the first collaboration of Moss with Spanish signatures, which in the past has been provided with designs of important designers and marks.

The jewels collection, cosmopolitans and very feminine, inspire the Capri ambience in the 50s, destination of the most select jet set set. To keep on reading ↓

We surprise Warlock with a ring unisex

warclock21 we surprise Warlock with a ring unisex

Warlock goes creating spectacular jewels from 1952 with a few results adored by a very demanding public. Nevertheless, the high Warlock jewelry shop has been done of requesting in Spain, until December 20, 2007 it does not open his shop in Madrid. Due to what has cost that his clientele of Madrid could walk for his shop window, the premiere went to the big thing in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital, in the quarter of Salamanca.

Now we surprise Warlock with a very avant-garde jewel. A ring that men and women could show equally. Moreover, it is thought like a ring unisex for special occasions. It is the perfect alliance for modern and independent couples. An austere design in sterling silver, with small details that two models distinguish. One thought for the woman, which tries to highlight the feminine beauty and other that shows and defines better than never the masculine character. To keep on reading ↓

Jordi Rabat presents his new jewels collection

bracelets Jordi Rabat presents his new jewels collection

The designer Jordi Rabat has presented his collections of more current jewels to game with a few imaginative cocktails inspired by precious stones, created by the chef Sergi Arola.

In his jewels proposal they emphasize the combinations of brilliant blacks and white persons with gold, the pink gold with ceramic and brilliant in links jewels, or the precious stones: blue topaz, rubies, emeralds and amethysts combined with gold or with brilliant blacks, in an original and avant-garde collection.

If you are a woman of the most bold, good-looking for the collection Rock Rabat. Slaves, pendants and rings in silver and brilliant blacks who will make you show a free and current look.

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Wild it proves luck in the world of the jewels

cibeles francis 05 Wild ones proves luck in the world of the jewels

Francis Montesinos has tomorrow a double mission, to show his collection before a select and demanding public, in addition to presenting his new jewels collection. Tomorrow at 1 p.m. there takes place the parade of this Valencian designer, it is going to be the moment of the day due to the adventure of Wild in the world of the luxury and the sophistication, the jewelry shop.

The Valencian one makes sure that the jewels are indispensable in any look. A woman must have a good collection of the same ones to show them in different occasions. The couturier makes sure that his jewelry shop pieces are functional, with proper style and much ponibles. In the creation of these it has been fixed in one of the big ones of the art, Salvador Dalí. Jewels that they remind to the Mediterranean painter.

It promises to be a parade that remains in the retina in a lot of time that happens thanks to the personal implication of the designer in the creation of the jewels. We have not left other one who to wait nervously for the tomorrow parade to judge and to take a fancy of some of the pieces.

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