H&M: Advance of the collection autumn - winter 2009/2010

15 H&M: Advance of the collection autumn I hibernate 2009/2010

Although we have just released the summer period, the fashionable signatures hurry already in advancing what will take this next autumn. One of them is H&M, that it brings to us a good advance of what will be his next catalog. The collection autumn - winter of the signature low cost will not be on sale till the end of August, but to be opening mouth, we present to you some of his proposals, which are loaded with innovations.

The collection appears risky and showy, not suitable for discreet. A step at the head for the signature, which is inspired in the riskiest tendencies seen lately on the footbridges. The games of volumes, the lines ochenteras, and the shoulder pads, which return strongly, will turn into protagonists of the most urban fashion.

25 H&M: Advance of the collection autumn I hibernate 2009/2010

The leather and the thick wool of apoderan of the collection, presenting in diverse versions, like the belts type to him corset or the cut gloves, in imitation of black leather, or the jerseys of ochos, a must have of the next period. Also, the wool joins in stamped average grosses and wide jackets, with which undoubtedly, we cover with matting well protected from the winter cold.

32 H&M: Advance of the collection autumn I hibernate 2009/2010

The color protagonist of the next period will be the black, who will take possession of the winter. In his most elegant version, or more rocker, the black will prevail in our closets. Also other winter colors like the burdeos, the brown or the gray, will get together with clearer tones like the ivory or the target.

43 H&M: Advance of the collection autumn I hibernate 2009/2010

A collection of high voltage, in which it is necessary to emphasize the overcoats, of the most bold thing that we have seen in the last years. Not to spend unnoticed this winter, H&M he proposes design overcoats to us impactante, with wide volumes, original necks, and in his most masculine version, I chatter with buckles in the shoulders.

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