Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

diorette1 Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

One of the models preferred by the celebrities, and piece icónica of the signature Christian Dior, the sunglasses Diorette are the representation of the luxurious and sophisticated style of the fashion of the 50s. Elegant like few ones, the Diorette makes a show of a style atemporal and favoring with the one that is difficult not to be right in any occasion.

The line Diorette consists of three models (Palladium, Gold and Gold Endura), which have in common his characteristic form of butterfly and his glazing to the air. These appear only set in the mount on the top part, what provides them with a distinctive and sophisticated touch. To keep on reading ↓

Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

shutter shades sunglasses Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

Evidently there are no innovation, but I did not know of his existence. That's why I remained literally “a deceased“ when another day I came across with a collection of Shutter Shades, while it was going for a walk for the Track of Madrid. By chance, the boor was going accompanied by my friend, so that we had no problem in stopping opposite to the position, and between laughs, beginning to prove if these grill glasses truly remove the sun. And they do it!

The proposal looked like to us a tacky program of the most entertaining, and joking if to show or not them, we come to the conclusion that these slovenly glasses are a perfect option to protect us from the sun in the beach, because as they have no glazing, they do not get scratched, and allow, also, to bathe with them.

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Sunglasses for this spring

sunglasses Sunglasses for this spring

The sunglasses are a basic one of the spring - summer period. After the reign of the glasses of style aviator (that they still take, of course), this new period we have already seen many celebrities showing like nobody his new models.

The offer for this period is enormous, so … I do not know if you will be able to remain only with some. Since it has already being normal in the last periods, the size glasses maxi keep on being the stars, and it seems that the thing is not going to change this summer.

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Sunglasses to the Career

career champion fri Sunglasses to the Career

Although for many there are a habitual complement, the sunglasses are going to tread loudly on this period spring - summer. Since the days of solecito approach already we make this one special to you with the most chic glasses that cannot be missing in your list of buys for this period.

And the fact is that the sunglasses give a glamor touch to any look and are an essential complement to go to the fashion and to mark tendency. That the celebrities already know it and that's why they put on a mask before the most mixed models.
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