Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

diorette1 Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

One of the models preferred by the celebrities, and piece icónica of the signature Christian Dior, the sunglasses Diorette are the representation of the luxurious and sophisticated style of the fashion of the 50s. Elegant like few ones, the Diorette makes a show of a style atemporal and favoring with the one that is difficult not to be right in any occasion.

The line Diorette consists of three models (Palladium, Gold and Gold Endura), which have in common his characteristic form of butterfly and his glazing to the air. These appear only set in the mount on the top part, what provides them with a distinctive and sophisticated touch.

diorette2 Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

'Diorette Paladio' composes of a mount in metal palladium and glazing in dark gray. 'Diorette Oro' changes the color of the mount into the gilding, and the glazing appears in an elegant one I degraded brown. And finally, ‘Diorette Oro Endura‘ has the mount in the same golden tone, and the glazing in a sober brown.

They have new chapes bi-layers and offer a protection from the beams UV of 100 %. Every pair of glasses of the collection Diorette costs 245 euros, independently of the elected model and it are contained in his case corresponding 'Dior'.

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