This spring make up of rose

innovations chanel look This spring make up of rose

The women we renew the closet every period, it is something that we have acquired like custom although it is not necessary. Nevertheless it is not the only thing that we must change into the last tendencies. The makeup is an essential part in our look. We can take a garment of cutting the respiration to game with the most wished sandals, but if the makeup is not perfect it trumps everything.

This spring - summer 2009 comes from rose color. The fingernails of pink color chewing gum are a sure bet to shine in the beach or in the city, we must bear in mind that the best thing for these tones is to take the short and square fingernails.

The eyes turn into the protagonists of this period. Eyelashes extra large that they help to promote the depth in the looks together with the streak perfectly pronounced. As for shade it refers, we can play with the tones cake giving leading role to the color of the love and of the girls.

The mouth is another important point in our face. We have seen like raisin unnoticed or on the contrary, have attended as the fashion was to paint of red passion passion to be the center of all the looks. A look much ochentero that conquered most of the women. Nevertheless, in spring there is fashionable to give them a very romantic air. The bars of lips roses or the gloss with rosita's touch will be our best friend. It is fundamental to take one of them in the purse so that he accompanies us all over.

makeup fiancée that to go and 1 This spring make up of rose

Another fact at that we must aim in our agenda is the importance of marking our cheekbones as if we were dolls. A rouge much marked in rose, since it could not perform another form. Cosmetic East helps us to mark the features of our face or even to stylize our face. It is curious to see like many women they cannot go out of house without him, while others do not use it for anything.

If you want to be perfect this period, you have it easy, good-looking for the rose in everything. If we make ourselves up like dolls we will demonstrate that we are certifications lover of the fashion. The day of the mother approaches, we go crazy looking for the perfect gift. Nevertheless, I believe that I have found it, the makeup always comes well and does illusion. Also the rose will happen to turn into a color atemporal in a few months, it is not necessary to get rid of it, do not even do not even to keep it in the trunk of the memories.

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