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The look of the week: Blake Lively, in the awards Emmy

blake lively1 The look of the week: Blake Lively, in the awards Emmy

Although this week we have been a little eclipsed by Cibeles and other fashionable footbridges, there have been celebrated events full of glamor as the awards Emmy, the Oscars of the North American television. The red carpet received the celebrities of the moment in full bidding for turning into the star of the night.

There were very good fashion designs, that one is true. But between all there is worth standing out the look of infarction of Blake Lively. The protagonist of Gossip Girl presented before herself in the Emmys with a hyper-sexy red Versace garment. Escotazo ahead, escotazo behind and the legs to the overdraft. Excessive? Perhaps, but she can allow it to herself. To keep on reading ↓

New Security collection Von Teese for Wonderbra

dita1 New Security collection Von Teese for Wonderbra

Security VonTeese, the pin-up with more glamor of the actuality, has collaborated again with the signature of linen Wonderbra to create a new uncrazy collection in the bourlesque. The new line of Vita, which his good one already demonstrated to do in the fashion in his previous collection, ride for title ‘Party Edition’, especially thought for the most intimate holidays.

The queen of the Bourlesque turns with more force that never with this captivating and glamorous collection. Security excited of the ancient linen of sateen and lace, has designed very sexy pieces in which it reveals the secrets of the holidays with more glamor. The collection ‘Party Edition’ consists of four different lines that prensentan in mauve, red and black: There glosses Teese By Security Von Tesse in network, There glosses Teese By Security Von Tesse in Mauve Sparkle Teese By Security Von Teese and Multi Teese By Dita Von Teese. To keep on reading ↓

The look of the week: Audrey Tautou in New York

look The look of the week: Audrey Tautou in New York

This week had a clear winner for “the look of the week”: Drew Barrymore. The actress surprised with an impressive design of Alexander McQueen in yellow with black lace. Simply spectacular. Nevertheless, another actress has gained him the career, sweet Audrey Tautou.

Although here in Spain it already does some time that has released the movie “Coconut Avant Chanel”, the promotional tour is in full boiling in the United States. That's why, his protagonist Audrey Tautou, keeps on wasting style in each of the stops of the tour. In the premiere of New York, the French actress dazzled with his serene elegance, and teaching us like turning in simple a High fashion design.

Audrey Tautou was praised by a look “whole Chanel” of the most elegant thing, with a garment of the collection High fashion Autumn - winter 2009 of Chanel. The design was a white garment of asymmetric cut with a sleeve in black with spangles details, cocktail with a thin belt, also in black and a few platforms of before in gray color pearl. Audrey's elegant hairstyle deserves special mention, with hairpiece, and his simple makeup. Perfect.

Image: Zimbio

Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

wanted Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

The actress Demi Moore affirms to be living through the best moment of his life, and she is not for less. At his 47 years it is every day more nice and dazzling. Married with young actor Asthon Kutcher, Demi has confessed that she wants to be a mother again again. And to all this we have to add a new work in his résumé: Demi has been elected like image of the signature Helena Rubinstein.

Demi Moore makes début like absolute star of the campaign of Wanted, the new fragrance of Helena Rubisntein, for which it poses of form sensual and more nice than never along with a young model. Dressed in a simple and favoring top lilac, the actress appears in all his splendor in the announcement, as if the time was not happening for her. To keep on reading ↓

Drew Barrymore surprises with his new look in Toronto

drewbarrymore Drew Barrymore surprises with his new look in Toronto

During these days, the movies stars have walked his palm heart for the Festival of Toronto, which although something eclipsed by the Mostra of Venice, also has left good looks to us to comment. Of between all it is necessary to emphasize the stellar presence of Drew Barrymore, who surprised in the Canadian festival with a showy change of look.

The actress came to the festival to present the movie Whip It, his début as director. Drew could give in the nail this time, with an original design of Alexander McQueen. Very bold, but spectacular the garment chosen by the actress, in yellow and with drawings of black lace. A sensational look that now film maker completed with a few black peep toes of level.

But if surprising his garment was, not less it was his new hairstyle. The actress gave a bold draft to his hairstyle tiñendo the tops of his black's hair. A style much punk to give a new air to his traditional fair-haired long hair.

Image: Socialitelife

Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

p1 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The magazine People has prepared one of his popular lists on the better dressed celebrities. In this case it is not a question of one of these typical numbered ránking, but of a series of emphasized according to different categories. One of them is Kate Winslet, that according to the publication (and many, between which I include myself), are emphasized by him for his innate elegance and his good taste at the time of choosing model. The British actress can always extract party to his beauty in the red carpet, with a glamorous and sophisticated style without shrillness.

Other one of the emphasized ones by the magazine has been also actress Rethis Whiterspoon, deserving of being in the list for his good use of the short garments. The American is, according to People, an example of how taking the minigarments and showing his legs with style. Between his favorites are the Fendi designs or to Roll you, infallible for the red carpet. To keep on reading ↓

The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

mtv1 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

We keep on revising the looks of the celebrities in the past gala of the MTV Musical Awards. An event that he has not emphasized especially for the good taste of his guests, except few exceptions. In this awards delivery the important thing is to stand out, sacrificing sometimes the good fashion designs for the spectacle.

A pleasant surprise was the look of Solange Knowles, the hermanísima of Beyoncé. The singer risked for once, and went out winning in the red carpet. Solange usually does not with his fashion designs, but this time supó take prettily this original design of Armand Basi happen. To keep on reading ↓

The looks of the MTV Music Awards I

11 the looks of the MTV Music Awards I

Yesterday evening the gala was celebrated of between gala of awards of the MTV, one of the musical events of the year as for spectacular nature and guests. The Radio City Musi Entrance hall of New York received to an endless number of celebrities who stood out for his bold clothings. The competition on the red carpet centred on seeing the one who was calling more attention, and of course, the winner in this sense was Lady Gaga.

Up to five different models, to more controversial everyone, it dared to show Lady Gaga. At his arrival to the red carpet, the singer left amazed to all the presents with an indescribable design of Jean Paul Gaultier, accompanied by a mask to “Bogey of the opera”. Later, it led the most polemic performance of the night, with a white body that was releasing blood. To gather one of his awards, Lady Gaga was already changed again, covered completely, head incluída, with a red lace cloth. Extravagance in the pure state. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

ve1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

The Film festival of Venice has closed his doors this year. Nevertheless, last hours of the Mostra have left to us some look that deserves to be out-standing. Till now, the big stars shone for his absence, except the few exceptions of Eva Mendes, Tilda Swinton and George Clooney, with accompanist incluída. Nevertheless, the last premieres day in the festival congregated to two glamorous actresses on the red carpet: Diane Kruger y Julianne Moore. Only with his presence, the style level rose sky high.

The German, how always impeccable actress, bet for the “whole black” in his fashion designs, although with very notable differences. For the morning photos meeting, Diane Kruger chose a look rocker, a little black dress, with court in the shoulder and boots of See by Chloe. To keep on reading ↓

The look of the week: Patricia Conde de Balmain

look1 The look of the week: Patricia Conde de Balmain

Finally begin the good thing! The parades period has started strongly, the Festival of Venice is leaving a good number of sensational looks to us, and the same week has celebrated in Madrid one of the big holidays of the fashion: Fashion's Night Out. They came to the event an endless number of models, designers and celebrities, that tried acapar the leading role with his different outfits.

If there is someone who managed to stand out over all the assistants, this is Patricia Conde. The presenter monopolized all the looks with an excellent design signed by Balmain. Patrician it was nice to be furious and extremely sexy with this look rocker. To keep on reading ↓

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