Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

d1 Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

The French signature Dior has created the technological jewel of the moment, Dior Phone, a sophisticated and luxurious mobile phone. A real luxurious waste, glamor and sophistication, only within reach of the most privileged.

Christian Dior, after having proved the honeys of the success in the world of the fashion, of the jewelry shop or of the leather goods, has wanted to throw himself to the conquest of the technological market with this piece worthy of collection. The mythical fashionable house has created an exclusive phone in which they unite the most powerful technology, with the beauty of the high jewelry shop.

d2 Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

Dior Phone is a mobile phone, with design of conch, realized in steel and with the peculiarity of taking inscrustados sapphires and diamonds. A whole of 640 diamonds that do of this phone a jewel of the most exclusive. Also, it is free in four colors: black, gray, white person and rose.

A phone created for a woman cosmopolitan and modern, lover of the technology and with desire of giving him a caprice. It includes an innovative technology created exclusively for the signature, My Dior, and that consists of a 'miniphone' that gets connected across Bluetooth to the mobile, allowing to receive and express calls. This version in miniature also incorporates an alarm, which goes off at the moment when the distance between Dior Phone and his miniature is superior to ten meters.

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