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Summer, diets time.

suitcase bacon Summer, diets time.

The summer comes, the heat, our clothes diminish, shrink, and leave to the air our most beautiful delight …: and the lorza and the michelín! Already in spring it is opened forbids it of the diets, it is a time of “weak cows” auntoimpuesto for, cost the paradox, not to look like a fat cow despanzurrada on the sand. They are multiple “diestas miracle” that they circulate for Internet, unfortunately, I am agnostic, so that it will be necessary to begin eating healthy and balanced.

Diving for the network, in search of some curiosity related to the diets, I have met on an advertizing campaign that has no waste. I know that it is ancient, since it dates of 2007, but the fact that it was thrown by a Hindu company it makes possible that we did not know any more of one. It is the most entertaining!

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