The jewels Basel de Versace are a good gift for Mom

carried The jewels Basel de Versace are a good gift for Mom

Versace reinvents jewels of last decades. With inspiration in the 50s to surprise for his design and materials. For tastes the colors, the Italian signature knows that well therefore he has decided to create very different lines, inspired in different sectors of his wide public.

The collection that Dafne has called is the one that more remembers us to the golden years. Geometric forms in different colors like white, yellow, black, red. Amethysts perfectly carved decorated in the corners with the logotype of the mark. We can choose between golden or silver mount. To keep on reading ↓

Special clock of Swatch for the day of the mother

reloj1 special Clock of Swatch for the day of the mother

To only one week of the day of the mother, we keep on providing to you some ideas for which they are still undecided with the gift. Today we show you the clock that the Swiss mark Swatch has created especially for this so special day.

The Swatch homage is called the mothers ‘Love Tag‘, and consists of a beautiful and elegant clock in white color, with touches of rose and silver-plating. Also, the clock is included inside a special pack, in which also a nice box and a portaretratos is included. To keep on reading ↓

The Tous pendants for the day of the mother

tous The Tous pendants for the day of the mother

If you do not have your gift yet determined for the day of the mother, from Fashion for Woman, we keep on giving you tracks for such a special obsequiousness. In this case, I will speak to you about the Tous proposal for the day of the mother of this 2009.

The jewelry shop signature bets in this occasion for an original and entertaining pendant, which is inspired in the infantile drawings, which the children give to his moms. A gift that all the mothers will like equally, since it symbolizes the memory of the infancy. To keep on reading ↓

Do that she feels nice in the Day of the Mother

zzz day mother Haz who feels nice in the Day of the Mother

We propose today two gifts for the Day of the Mother with which we will do that our moms feel nice. Sometimes what can look like a slightly original gift, as it is a perfume, or a basket of cosmetic products, he acquires a new dimension on this so special day.

To the margin if you are going to give him flowers or are going to strain for preparing a daydream breakfast for him that to take him to the bed, the big details are not of any more, so that have in consideration the proposals that enumenramos further on.

To keep on reading ↓

Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

crystal Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

The Swarovski cristalitos are fashionable, that is clear. The principal designers and signatures use them in his models, the marks of perfumes for the designs of his bottles, and everybody wants to include the cristalitos in his creations.

Since the day of the mother approaches, we want to propose to you a gift that undoubtedly will conquer all the mothers, without importing his style or his tastes. With the new Swarovsky collection created exclusively for the day of the mother, you will not make your progenitora indifferent. To keep on reading ↓

More gifts for mom

there is to color drawings images photo gift of the day of the mother p7149 283x400 More gifts for mom

The day of the mother approaches and we are great who we neither have bought yet anything or at least we have not even thought it. For it I want to keep on proposing some gifts that were leaving our mothers with the open mouth. He gives birth they it is one very special day since it is the moment to demonstrate the great thing that we want them and it been grateful that we are for everything what they have taken care and taught us. I know he usually says that mother is only one, and the fact is that ours is the best. To keep on reading ↓

He calculates budget for the perfect gift the day of the mother

louis vuitton rossy of palm Calculates budget for the perfect gift the day of the mother

The mothers of the whole Spain wait anxious for the gift of the first Sunday of May, his day. They put illusion to everything and more if it is related to his children or his couple. The day of the mother arose like a commercial strategy to encourage the consumerism, but the true thing is that it has turned in one very special day. It is the perfect date to thank our mother for everything what it does for us.

They usually say that the gift imports it what it counts is the intention, but I do not agree, the gift if it matters. Major all that is the intention of surprising your mother, the gift is better. I do not refer to an expensive gift. Your mother knows which your possibilities are, but you also meet your mother and know how to surprise it. To keep on reading ↓

This spring make up of rose

innovations chanel look This spring make up of rose

The women we renew the closet every period, it is something that we have acquired like custom although it is not necessary. Nevertheless it is not the only thing that we must change into the last tendencies. The makeup is an essential part in our look. We can take a garment of cutting the respiration to game with the most wished sandals, but if the makeup is not perfect it trumps everything.

This spring - summer 2009 comes from rose color. The fingernails of pink color chewing gum are a sure bet to shine in the beach or in the city, we must bear in mind that the best thing for these tones is to take the short and square fingernails. To keep on reading ↓

Amazon of Loewe gives in the day of the mother Mini

loewe1 Amazon of Loewe Gives in the day of the mother Mini

Another day walking for mountain fixes me in the Loewe shop window, I call myself greatly the attention. It begins with the biggest Amazon never seen and ends with the miniatures of the same one in another corner. When I saw the giant purse I fell in love completely, but two seconds later I understood the dimensions, which were not real, it was not a purse. That jewel was a mere decoration object.

The works of art are the most expensive and this purse of exaggerated proportions the era. It was then when I realized that it was not to my scope, it might never have it in my lounge. I kept on looking at the rest of the shop window, purses with the Loewe logotype in different forms, leather purse for the classic ones and suddenly I saw another thing that me went crazy. She was the Amazon smaller never seen, an authentic sweetie. To keep on reading ↓

Gifts for your mother, there is only one

everything for my mother copies 333x400 Gifts for your mother, there is only one

It is true that mother is only one, but each of them has his character and of to dress. Also the age also influences the decision of the perfect gift for the one who loves us unconditionally. From here we want to be giving ideas for the day of the mother, the first Sunday of May.

In the image we see principally shoes, it is better not to get into aubergine fields with the size, if we are not right we will offend our mothers. If you buy one more number or a number less of shoe does not matter, that him does not feel bad to any woman. To keep on reading ↓

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