Parade of Custo Barcelona in the New York Fashion Week

custo1 Parade of Custo Barcelona in the New York Fashion Week

The signature Custo Barcelona is already one of the habitual ones in the footbridge neoyorkina. After twelve years presenting his designs in the New York Fashion Week, the Spanish signature has given itself appointment again in the enclosure of Bryant Park to announce his proposals for the next period spring - summer 2010, a titled collection ‘Air Show‘.

Once again, the coloring has been the protagonist of the collection of the designer Custo Dalmau, with an infinite palette of colors in which there stand out the fuchsia, orange and the sky blue one. ‘Air Show‘ bases on the concepts of the movement and the agility, and for it Custo has used extremely light materials, fruit of an intense investigation of the signature.

custo2 Parade of Custo Barcelona in the New York Fashion Week

The proper designer, due to the agility of the materials of the collection, speaks more of threads than of textiles. For it, the thin connected threads some with others substitute in this occasion the opaque textiles. Also, by means of a perforation process ciudado to the detail pledges are obtained with a light transparence.

In this collection there prevail the pledges brimming with sensuality, like the mini-skirts, the tops of style bikini and the torn skirts or with gaps. To adorn the textiles, the pledges are adorned by beads in relief or fringe.

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