Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

wanted Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

The actress Demi Moore affirms to be living through the best moment of his life, and she is not for less. At his 47 years it is every day more nice and dazzling. Married with young actor Asthon Kutcher, Demi has confessed that she wants to be a mother again again. And to all this we have to add a new work in his résumé: Demi has been elected like image of the signature Helena Rubinstein.

Demi Moore makes début like absolute star of the campaign of Wanted, the new fragrance of Helena Rubisntein, for which it poses of form sensual and more nice than never along with a young model. Dressed in a simple and favoring top lilac, the actress appears in all his splendor in the announcement, as if the time was not happening for her.

The fragrance Wanted speaks to a strong, cheerful, liberal, brilliant and passionate woman. Precisely, these are the values that the signature emphasizes from Demi Moore, whom they have chosen for representing like nobody the woman Wanted.

Wanted is a fragrance amaderada contemporary whose principal notes are the ylang, the magnolia and the iris. It was created by two recognized ones perfumistas, Carlos Benaim y Dominque Ropion, creators of fragrances like Armani Code, Purée Poison or Calvin Klein Euphoria.

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