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Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

Image 4 Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

There are four purses that every woman addicted to the fashion, must have. The first one of them, obviously, one “2.55 ″ of Chanel, later an "Amazon" of Loewe, a "Speedy" of Louis Vuitton and how not, this one jewel, a wonderful Fendi "Baguette". It is an investment of a lot of money, but these preciousness is inherited from some to others, and every piece you have your own history, at least when the designers created them.

Independently of me digressions, Silvia Fendi third in the dynasty Fendi, is the creative director of the line of accessories and the manager of being renew across new designs and materials, the classic models that have elevated the mark to top have” of the most select signatures of the planet. That itself is sucecido with the purse Baguette. An icon of the fashion, which how quite, did he need a renewal. And here it is. In two colors (black and makeup), with chains and with adornments in gilding. Elegance in the pure state. But let's go further away because there is something that attracts attention of me especially … to Keep on reading ↓

Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Image 10 Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Do you remember Joan Collins in Dynasty? And of Grace Jones in Studio 54? So if you do memoría the rectangular silhouette it was one of his most significant "stamps". Now, after several establishment periods, the shoulder pads return more powerful than never thanks to the designer Christophe Decarnin with his spectacular designs for the signature Balmain. It tries it it is this one American of the French house that he bets for the exhorbitant volumes without losing an apex of femininity and elegance.

The form in “V“ is here again, and do not doubt, you must fall down in his delight. Most of the addicted ones to the fashion have already done it, so: why to resist? I am not much given to the shoulder pads, it is more, I have never liked. But it is already known, when something returns, he always turns out to be improved to the maximum. And, although I feel sorry, Decarnin has obtained it with the Americans collection. They are beautiful. To keep on reading ↓

These crazy years 20

b1 These crazy years 20

A sure bet to obtain an elegant and sophisticated look, both for the day and for the night, is to be inspired in the style of the 20s. The epoch of the night holidays, the cabaret, the wild consumerism and especially, the point of blast-off of the high fashion. “The félices years 20 ″ saw like for the first time a woman, Coco Chanel, it was changing forever the history of the fashion.

The pledges of this epoch are characterized for marking the feminine silhouette, and incorporating details of the masculine style, something up to this unthinkable moment. If you want to obtain a look years 20, the principal premise is: the movement over everything. A short frills garment, to the purest style jazz, like this one of Gina Kim, is always a sure bet. He tries to accompany it on a few bold sandals like those of Jour&Nuit, or on a more sober footwear, how are you ballerinas with wedge. To keep on reading ↓

Madrid celebrates today the big night of the fashion

f1 Madrid celebrates today the big night of the fashion

Today, on Thursday, the 10th of September, the big holiday of the fashion is celebrated in the whole world, ‘Fashion's Night Out. During all this night, globally diverse holidays, activities and gifts will be celebrated, and the shops of the principal cities of the world will open his doors until the dawn.

The activities it is promoted by the “bible of the fashion”, the magazine Vogue, and it will take place in cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo or Peking. In Spain, the capital of the fashion will be Madrid, which will dress itself of holiday to receive the night in target of the fashion. More than 150 shops placed in The Mile of Gold, the quarter of Salamanca and the area of The Salesas, will open this night to join this annual celebration. To keep on reading ↓

Bershka, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

bershka front 1jpg Bershka, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Bershka presents his new collection to us for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, and as we have already seen in other collections bet for the eighties: leggins, skirts of lycra and shirts of pictures type enclosed woodcutter to shine on a T-shirt and with jeans or even as garment adorned with a belt.

The leggins denim or faded to combine with basic T-shirts or huntresses of leather for a look rocker, in even preppy, calmed down and of the most loutish thing.

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White, autumn - winter wearing shoes 2009/10

z bl 1 White, autumn wearing shoes I hibernate 2009/10

I must admit that one of the proposals has attracted attention of me exceedingly on footwear that Target presents for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10. I know that the shoes of this signature low-cost are not the best of the world and that his quality makes great that desar, but the true thing is that it presents itself as the only option to renew footwear of those who have the pockets “peel you”.

To what it was going: I have remained in love with the boots that are inspired in the military some of the whole life, but in before and incredibly high, something that is a tendency this period. You there is not doubt that I am going to do with some.

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Purses Tous, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

tous 1 Purses Tous, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

The signature Tous presents his new collection of portfolios and purses for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, a line that is ruled for the most part by the seriousness of his designs. Tous offers us a varied collection with 12 basic models and his variants as for color or type of complement, be already a purse, portfolio or rucksack.

From free designs, the signature brings to more elegant others with his new collection juvenile proposals or of lady, as well as to shine in ours every day or sometimes special.

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Stradivarius, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

stradivarius front Stradivarius, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Stradivarius presents his collection for the autumn - winter next one 2009/10 and it is done under the motto of Black to Black, with a line of clothes that produces homage to the black color, by absolute protagonist of the collection and who prints abstinence along with a few simple and austere designs.

Stradivarius bets in his new collection for the symmetry in his pledges, and as other signatures, rocker stretches this next period to the look without forgetting the elegance and the juvenile design.

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Handle, collection autumn - winter 2009

handle 01 Handle, collection autumn I hibernate 2009

Since we have already seen in other collections, like Zara, the tendency this winter it is to show a look rocker, and the color, par excellence, the black … could not be different. Handle has presented his catalog for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, proper dark tones of the coldest epochs but in whose pledges watch scraps of the summer color.

Rocker bets handle for a style and it does it by means of leather, cowboy, lycra and the applications of tacks and zippers in pledges and complements. Very much black, spangles, exact minigarments, animal patterns and pants of novel cuts.

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Zara, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

zara 02 Zara, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Zara bets in his new collection autumn - winter 2009/10 for the look rocker, and does it not only by means of dark pledges, in black and gray, but also across huntresses of leather, exact jeans or leggins. Finally, the style ochentero, tendency is the next period.

Sleeves and pronounced shoulders, waists of narrow size, shirts of masculine air or delicate blouses, pens, pants harem and overcoats of military court sum the leit motiv of the collection up.

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