Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

CUSTO3 Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

A few months ago, we were surprising Custo with the design of two planes for the company Vueling, whom he impregnated with his imaginary personnel. Now, the project comes to the streets, since Custo Barcelona has captured these designs in a limited edition of sneakers, the Vueling by MTV.

Two planes designs, alumni Spread Love y Play Rock adapt themselves in this occasion to a model of white sneakers and to a cravat with the same motive. It is a question of a limited edition, which just will sell across Internet. The sneakers and the cravat will be available until December 31 in the shop online of Custo and will cost 95 and 45 euros respectively.

CUSTO5 Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

The motive Spread Love naif gives place to a few esthetics sneakers, thought for women trasngresoras and much ooriginales. Pattern and white skin are prepared in canvas, with sole of gum and leather staff. There has a strip in the color heel fuchsia and buttonholes in the same color.

CUSTO2 Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

The concept of Play Rock has inspired Custo to create a cravat with motives related to the night and the glamor. There talks each other of one handkerchief realized in silk that presents a merger of intense colors like the fuchsia or the electrical blue. His measurements are 1,76 cm x 0,43 cm.

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