Custo Barcelona in The Brandery

custo1 Custo Barcelona in The Brandery

One of the most representative Spanish signatures, Custo Barcelona, has chosen the new fashionable lounge urban, The Brandery, to present his proposals for the summer of the next year.

The Custo parade took as a stage a footbridge installed on the swimming pool of the Hotel Juan Carlos I, in the new fair of the Catalan capital, which tries to fill the space left by Bread and Butter. The Custo pledges for the new summer become more summer and commercial than other years, in spite of supporting his intact extract.

custo2 Custo Barcelona in The Brandery

The monkeys of long pants loose and gathered over the ankle, there have been the tendency most seen on the Catalan footbridge. Also, they predominate over the short garments, which get together with the highest heels, all this with a finished very urban one.

The palette of colors of the Catalan signature fills with tones lilacs, roses and fuchsias again. The textiles used by Custo Dalmau, always combined between themselves, are the linen and the silk. For the night, Custo proposes to us a light look in which the jewels and the sheen abound.

The Brandery, the new fair of the urban fashion will receive the new collections of marks like Pepe Jeans, Armand Basi, Unequally, Situated Murt, TCN, American Vintage, Lacoste, Rams 23, New Balance, Reebok, Etnies, Element or Cruyff Classic, between other signatures.

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