Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

crystal Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

The Swarovski cristalitos are fashionable, that is clear. The principal designers and signatures use them in his models, the marks of perfumes for the designs of his bottles, and everybody wants to include the cristalitos in his creations.

Since the day of the mother approaches, we want to propose to you a gift that undoubtedly will conquer all the mothers, without importing his style or his tastes. With the new Swarovsky collection created exclusively for the day of the mother, you will not make your progenitora indifferent.

In this dazzling collection, we find accessories like earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, or other proposals as a beautiful frame of photos, pendants for the mobile or sophisticated turnkeys.

hearts Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

The hearts, typical gift of the day of San Valentín, serves here like love sample to our mother. In the shape of pendant, a piece with inlaid glazing, bracelets, or like pendants in turnkeys, the delicate crystal hearts will be the best memory for your dear mother.

hanging Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

For the most modern mothers, we have the pendants with thong of leather, which consist of a piece of carved crystal. These pendants, of carved irregular, thanks to his color, recreate the effect of a northern dawn.

butterflies Glazing of Swarovski for the day of the mother

Another option for one so special day there are the collection picture cards in the shape of butterfly. You will be able to find the big ones in multicolored, or violet, while the teeny-weeny ones, in pack of three, include a white butterfly, the pale pink one and another fuchsia.

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