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Chest antistress of Alqvimia, to spoil to your body

alqvimia Chest Alqvimia antistress, to spoil to your body

The frantic rhythm of life that reigns at present does that every time we accumulate more weariness in our body and our mind. Without scarcely realizing, the absence of time to dedicate to our rest and relaxation they do notch in our face and our skin. It is difficult to extract time of ours every day to look after, that's why the signature of natural cosmetics Alqvimia, it has created a special pack to relieve the daily tensions of our body without need for long and complicated routines.

The Chest of Mini-sizes Anti-Stress de Alqvimia, it contains three specific products (Body Elixir, Corporal Oil and Gel of Bath) to erase the traces of the weariness and the rhythm of life accelerated in the body. Easy to use and prepared with the only and natural products, these products have been created to win in beauty, health and well-being in only one I gestate. To keep on reading ↓

The Body Shop throws a cream against the sexual traffic

hands The Body Shop it throws a cream against the sexual traffic

The popular signature of cosmetics The Body Shop also wants to put his grain of sand in the struggle against the sexual minors traffic, and for it it has created a hand cream with united motives. The cream “soft Hands and with heart”, of limited edition, is the symbol of the campaign “let's Stop the Tráficos Sexual of Children and Adolescents”, with that he tries to help to brake the abuse that approximately 1,8 million minors suffer a year.

This united cream contains soft natural elements as the extract of angelica, which serves to calm and to smooth the skin. Also, it detaches an agreeable fragrance with citric, floral fresh notes and of amber. To keep on reading ↓

Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

w11 Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

If it was not enough to Alexander Wang to be one of the designers more in the shape of the panorama of the fashion, and habe received the award to the designer revelation in the past CFDA Awards, the young couturier initiates now his assault to the market of the cosmetics. Ex-protected from Marc Jacobs he is making use of his big moment of reputation as nobody and, ready to extend his empire, Wang has created its own makeup line.

With the support of one of the more powerful signatures of beauty of the market Shiseido, Wang has thrown the line ‘Maquillage‘, a small commodities collection. The line of the couturier of Asian origin, inspired by its own fashion shows, will be on sale the same autumn. To keep on reading ↓

It irons for the hair united of ghd

ghd It Irons for the hair united of ghd

One more year, the beauty signature for the hair ghd will collaborate in the struggle against the breast cancer. The mark known by his products of for brushing the hair, like his alisadoras irons and brushes, Sandra Ibarra of Solidarity will throw a new edition of his famous pink iron Pretty in Pink in collaboration with the Foundation Opposite to The Cancer.

The association created by the model and presenter Sandra Ibarra tries to contribute to the sensitization of the society with regard to the breast cancer and the investigation of this hard illness. With the buy of each of these irons, ghd it will destine 10 euros for unit to the foundation. To keep on reading ↓

Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

shades Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

We surprise the designer Giorgio Armani with a new makeup line, that under the surf title of ‘Eyes to kill’ (’Ojos to kill’) tries to bring us the keys over to conquer a man with our look. To help us with this work, and to concentrate our attraction on the eyes, the Italian does not propose a collection formed by four tones of mascara and four palettes of shades.

The shades palette is presented in an innovative packing in the shape of concentric circles. Each of her contains three tones: in the center the darkest tonality is, in the way the illuminator and in the exterior area the shade protagonist, in metallized tones. To keep on reading ↓

Manicure Express, for busy women

manicure Manicure Express, for busy women

The care of the hands is an essential part of our routines of beauty, and to take a few perfect fingernails will help us to see our image improved largely. Nevertheless, the frenetic life rhythm at present, it prevents us to many from extracting the time necessary to dedicate him to the care of this so delicate part of the body.

If for lack of time, or simply for indolence, you cannot come to a beauty parlor so that they make you periodically the manicurist, you have at your disposal a wide products variety so that you could practise “do it to yourself yourself”. One of the most comfortable and finished sets of manicure is the formed one by the line ‘Manicure Express’ of the signature of beauty products Better, with which you will have all the products necessary for a professional manicure. To keep on reading ↓

It obtains free a purse designed by Ailanto

bolso1 It Obtains free a purse designed by Ailanto

This year 2009 is the most special for the signature L'Oreal, since the company of French origin is 100 years. Owing to this anniversary, L'Oreal is celebrating a series of inciaciativas, like the development of 100 united projects in several countries of the world.

The company of cosmetics and beauty products wants to keep on celebrating his centenary, and for it, has created a purses line in collaboration with Ailanto. Two brothers have wanted to reflect his personal style characterized by the patterns and the coloring, in this series of purses. To keep on reading ↓

The best makeup tricks in your mobile

loreal1 The best makeup tricks in your mobile

From now on, you will be able to have the best tricks to make yourself up in your own mobile phone, the only initiative that there throws the company L'Oréal Paris. We already know that an the actuality, the marks of cosmetics and beauty provide to us from his propa web page information about beauty or professional tricks to make ourselves up correctly.

Nevertheless, this is the first time that a cosmetics mark offers us this application for mobile phones. With this new proposal, the signature L'Oreal will put at the disposal of the phones Iphone and Ipod Touch an application gratuíta with the one that we will be able to unburden ourselves every day his councils of beauty. To keep on reading ↓

Mer throws his makeup line in Spain

12 La Mer throws his makeup line in Spain

The prestigious cosmetics mark La Mer, throws finally in Spain his scale of products of makeup. The products of La Mer, especially his créme, are recognized in the whole world by his incredible efficacy in the care of the skin and his high quality.

The products of the cosmetic signature are much accepted also in our country, where there are great those who bet for his revolutionary formula. His balsam of eyes, the products cleaners, the tonic revitalizante, the hand cream, or the corporal lotions, are some of the products most requested by the followers of La Mer. To keep on reading ↓

Effigy Bust Serum, of Talika, it promises one more breast size

talika 01 Effigy Bust Serum, of Talika, it promises one more breast size

It is sure that you have seen announced recently the last product of the laboratories Talika, Effigy Bust Serum, a finished treatment for the bust, which promises to raise, give volume and reaffirm the breasts up to the point of increasing a size. Will this be a truth? If it is like that, he would suppose an authentic revolution, and the signature expert in specific cosmetic treatments, should add to his slogan “you never imagined cosmetics like that” the addition of “… not even a similar surgery,”.

As they affirm, the efficacy of Effigy Bust Serum results from the combination of Kigelia Africana and extract of crust of Mukul, with properties that award steadfastness and volume, as well as péptidos of action anti-age. I do not know if I can believe that slightly similar it happens, and as in the announcement they do not clarify anything, we want to tell to you the supposed properties that assume to him.

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