Report Light Collection, a very brilliant idea

converse Report Light Collection, a very brilliant idea

Converse it presents his new line of sneakers Light Collection, a footwear on horseback between the sports ones and the booties, of narrower and stylized mold, thought exclusively for us, and that more that in colors we can say that it comes in very diverse "sheens": gold, silver and copper to simulate to wear an authentic jewel. Do you dare with them?

The metallized one is a tendency, and with his line Light Collection, Converse there dares with one neither a more sophisticated and feminine version realized in materials as the leather and where they are missing not even the classic sole, nor the omnipresent logo that it identifies to the mark, ideals to combine with short skirts or mini-garments.

With this collection, Converse it is reinvented once again. Personally they seem the ugliest to me, and I cannot allow saying, with certain irony dose, that in this occasion It should Converse it has had very brilliant “idea”. Although, if it had to choose, copper would praise me for the color.

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1 comment in "Reports Light Collection, a very brilliant idea"

  1. 1
    Glamor and fashion (July 30, 2009 9:35)

    It has been a few weeks since it had already seen these new models of sneaker / booty of Converse, but it had seen them in the habitual colors: black, white and red.

    The truth is that I share your opinion in which the color is not the most guessed right and I do not like the model anything. Anyhow, I understand that I Conversed he is thinking about how to extend the market, not only to the people that he likes taking the sneakers with jeans or skirts fashion.

  2. 2
    gabriela (September 25, 2009 1:36)

    good I tell them that they love topcoat to me the model color silver and sneaker not botita how they see there is taste for everything!!! they be grateful if they can say where I can buy them, since I am looking for them for all sides to me but I did not find them. thank you

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