The contest begins Hair Pantene

pantene2 the contest Begins Hair Pantene

It starts one of the more important contests from beauty at national level, ‘Hair Pantene. If you are between 16 and 30 years old, and you think that your hair is especially outstanding, be already for his volume, sheen or color, this is your opportunity to announce it.

The contest ‘Hair Pantene’, that this year celebrates his tenth edition, begins his process of selection, in which one will look for the girl with the best hair of Spain during several cástings that will cover the country. During the tests, the candidates to Hair Pantene 2009 will surrender to diverse tests to measure the health of his hair.

In this new edition the contest will be provided with the incorporation of an analysts' committee of the hair, which they will shape expert in the topic. Rafael Artero, specialist in health and care of the hair, Maria Baras, the official stylist of Pantene Style, a scientist of the mark and a tricólogo (dermatologist specializing in the hair), will analyze the hair of each of the participants.

Of all the cástings there will be chosen 14 young people, who will take part in the big final of the contest. In the final gala, the candidates will parade before a specializing jury composed by professionals of the world of the fashion design, the beauty, the fashion and the mass media, which will choose the deserving one of the title Hair Pantene 2010. The winner will obtain an award in cash for 6.000 euros and the possibility of being an image of the new campaign of the mark.

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23 comments in "the contest Begins Hair Pantene"

  1. 1 (July 14, 2009 22:11)

    The contest begins Hair Pantene

    It starts one of the more important contests from beauty at national level, ‘Hair Pantene’. If you are between 16 and 30 years old, and you think that your hair is especially outstanding, be already for his volume, sheen or color, this is your opportunity to give it to conoc

  2. 2
    carmen (July 26, 2009 16:01)

    Hello good!!!!! in the evenings me I direct you because I always had a big illusion

    of presenting before hair Pantene but I see that there is a ceiling of age flagstaff 30 years

    I am 37 years old but I believe that it would be suitable to present before myself to alone contest I would like I hope you can help me I he sent a photo and

    and you value if you want that I sent it the photo I will do it in the next email

    pardon for the adventurousness waited for answer

    thank you very much and a greeting

    see you soon

  3. 3
    Aretusa (July 27, 2009 12:15)

    Hello Carmen. Very much I am afraid that in this type of contests they are very strict with regard to the parameters of age that they fix. Nevertheless, if you believe that you cost, you can present your candidacy and try, since it is never known, since you do not have anything that to lose. We might give you our opinion, but I would not cost of anything, he trusts better in the persons near to you, ask them for his sincere opinion and insurance that will give you the best of the advices.

  4. 4
    yunethzy (July 30, 2009 0:07)

    guataria to gain the contest to be able to help my mami that through the fault of the carcer him the bosoms removed and I have no my silver to be able to help it, in his suffering and in his treatment and my average only one it is competing, since I am still estudindi, my hair is long and I take care to myself of it with pantene from kidling, I would like that someone takes me into consideration, to be able to help my mami

  5. 5
    LAURA (July 30, 2009 14:42)


  6. 6
    LAURA (July 30, 2009 14:43)

    Very interesting everything what they announce.

  7. 7
    Aretusa (July 30, 2009 17:09)

    Hello Laura, in the following link you will be able to inscribe your daughter as well as consult the bases of the contest and consult the castings calendar for cities. I hope that your daughter should very be lucky!
    It punctures here: Hair Pantene

  8. 8
    Carla (4 Ago 2009 22:05)

    Hello girls, good what the contest. I would like registering, but I suffer of the ca'dia dle hair and not s'pe well qupe to do. Am I probanod a neuvo shampoo antifallen down, someone knows it?

  9. 9
    Isa Rosales (13 Ago 2009 18:24)


    Am I a xika of 24 years and I would like appearing aunke be to the kasting … I believe ke teng the hair enough kuidado can say to me someone where I sign up?? muxas thank you

  10. 10
    Aretusa (13 Ago 2009 18:47)

    Hello Isa, looks at the comment number 7, there you redireccionamos to the entry

  11. 11
    Carla Mora (16 Ago 2009 23:55)

    It gives me tristza that the oncurs is solmente for those women of Spain, I have natural healthy, longest, smooth hair and it is not dyed, but well … what her goes away to do.

  12. 12
    betiana (September 17, 2009 21:06)

    hello I am betiana, and I would like to postulate myself why I have divine fair-haired long hair and use de facto pantene since they have said to me q proves it thank you

  13. 13
    I fall (September 17, 2009 23:08)

    Hello!!!!, I would like to know how I have to do to be able to take part of this wonderful casting … I have hairs chestnut-colored, long color up to the waist … very well elegant!!, shiny. (NATIVE) With soft waves … I measure 1,73mts. my measurements are 90-62-90, I have celestial eyes … I was a NATIONAL QUEEN. I hope that a prompt answer … I left my e-mail to them. 1000 THANK YOU!!, GREETINGS!!

  14. 14
    Augustinian flowers (September 18, 2009 3:02)

    hola:me it would like to take part, I am 18 years old, am fair-haired and my hair is natural.
    Without estan interested parties, write to me.
    Thank you very much!


  15. 15
    maria florencia cecutti (September 18, 2009 16:55)

    hello, I have the natural fair-haired hair up to the waist and I would like competing in pantene.

  16. 16
    silvana griffo (September 19, 2009 1:21)

    Hello I would like paricipar I am 46 YEARS OLD. my hair is a healthy length, since recivi ò dyeing is never very shiny.
    I would like qe say to me how to do to take part since the age is not the one for that they ask but did not feign it. I wait for his answer!

  17. 17
    Florencia R (September 19, 2009 3:49)

    Hola1 I am florencia of sea of the silver I have 16 years (me qeda 1 month for the 17) and quisera to take part of hair pante. Would I like being able cmo to subscribe, but there is something that I did not understand, is it done in Argentina?

  18. 18
    Eva (September 19, 2009 14:00)

    Hello to all, in this link you have all the bases of the contest: Bases.
    I move forward you of that the age to take part is 16 to 30 years. The contest is at national level, therefore they will be able only to inform those who have nationality or Spanish residence.

  19. 19
    Daiana (September 19, 2009 21:44)

    Hello my daughter, his name is Daiana, he is 15 years old, but on January 18, 2010 it already fulfills 16 years, very nice chestnut-colored color has hair and with very much sheen and native, it is very healthy

  20. 20
    noelia lirusso (September 20, 2009 0:22)

    how do I do to register in the contest?? thank you

  21. 21
    Bethlehem Copetti (September 20, 2009 15:57)

    Hello I am Bethlehem of Cordova! I would like to take part in this contest … Please I need to know how to register or to order my photos … Believe that I have all the requisites for this contest since I have the natural, very shiny, healthy and long clear faded, chestnut-colored hair even above of the waist. Also I would need to know where the casting is done here in Argentina … I wait for an answer … Thank you very much!!

  22. 22
    miracles (September 20, 2009 21:53)

    hello, I am miracles peacock of 19 years, I live in the locality of jeppener through party of Buenos Aires. I would like informing of the contest hair pantene 2009.ya that for Internet I do not find the inscription request I make this comment come so that they request me for the casting. from already thank you very much.

  23. 23
    Eva (September 21, 2009 14:21)

    I remind to you that only girls or boys will be able to take part from 16 to 30 years, with nationality or Spanish residence.
    These are the two only requisites. In case of fulfilling them, you will be able to register here: Form inscription

  24. 24
    Maria de los Milagros Pedemonte (September 21, 2009 15:49)

    Hello!! I am miracles of Cordova, I am 18 years old. I would like to take part of the contest but between to the page and when I put TO SEND he says to me that my ID card is not correct and my TELEPHONE NUMBER. nose to which it owes. I would like to inform I believe that I expire with the requisites, since I have the faded long hair and from chestnut-colored color. I expect for his answer!! thank you very much!!!

  25. 25
    Antonella (September 23, 2009 23:31)

    Hello!! I wanted to say to them that I wanted partipar of the contest, but at the time of completing the form in the part of year of birth I was saying until 1992, being that from 16 years it is possible to begin taking part, I say it that x q I was born in 1993 and I am 16 years old. Thank you

  26. 26
    Antonella (September 23, 2009 23:33)

    Hello!!! I wanted to know if I might take part since I was born in 1993 and I am 16 years old. Great thank you.!!! Kisses

  27. 27
    Anabella (September 26, 2009 3:00)

    Hello, I wanted to tell them that aue it should like informing me of the contest, since the only thing that I like of me my hair is, am black, waved up to the tail.Perdon I did not say to them because I cannot take part it is for the age I am 35 years old I hope be able to do a place to me. Thank you from for already listening to me and his respusta waited. Thanks.

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