Collection autumn - winter of Barada

barada1 Collection autumn winter of Barada

The signature of complements Barada bets for this autumn for a collection of pieces in which the simplicity and the sophistication gets together. The new collection of the signature agglutinates the principal tendencies that will mark style in this period, providing complements for looks that go from the neohippie to a rocker, happening for the most urban concepts or the natural motives.

The Barada purses present very expressive and sensitive lines, giving place to a collection of practical and comfortable pieces simultaneously that stylish. Betting for a chic woman but with taste for the outstanding figures, Barada bets for purses easily combinables with the most current fashion.

barada2 Collection autumn winter of Barada

The palette of colors of the collection incorporates metallic tones, like silver-plating, gilding and copper, as well as more alive tones like the purple one or the different tonalities of green and blue. In the same way, Barada also good-looking for colors basic and easy to combine like the browns, creams and gray, without losing of sight the always essential black.

Between the essential ones of the period the functional maxibolso is, with aptitude to take everything necessary for every day. The style ‘rock star’, one of the tendencies qu epegarán stronger this period, also has his leading role in this collection, with purses decorated with tacks, buckles or fringe.

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