Chest antistress of Alqvimia, to spoil to your body

alqvimia Chest Alqvimia antistress, to spoil to your body

The frantic rhythm of life that reigns at present does that every time we accumulate more weariness in our body and our mind. Without scarcely realizing, the absence of time to dedicate to our rest and relaxation they do notch in our face and our skin. It is difficult to extract time of ours every day to look after, that's why the signature of natural cosmetics Alqvimia, it has created a special pack to relieve the daily tensions of our body without need for long and complicated routines.

The Chest of Mini-sizes Anti-Stress de Alqvimia, it contains three specific products (Body Elixir, Corporal Oil and Gel of Bath) to erase the traces of the weariness and the rhythm of life accelerated in the body. Easy to use and prepared with the only and natural products, these products have been created to win in beauty, health and well-being in only one I gestate.

Body Elixir Anti-Stress is a moisturizing, conditioning emulsion and corporal protector prepared by means of nourishing ingredients and regenerators that help to support the soft, smooth and relaxed skin.

The Corporal Oil Anti-Stress, it combines the freshness of the citrus fruits and the harmony of the lavender, wrapping the skin in a satisfactory sensation of calmness and relaxation. Also, it contributes an extra hydration source for the skin and helps to liberate the physical tensions. Especially indicated for persons with stress, anxiety or problems to conciliate the sleep.

The Gel of Bath Anti-Stress, it has been prepared by a stimulant combination of citric essential oils. His soft texture and his intense fragrance turn the bath into an experience of the most relaxing thing.

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