Carlos Díez, in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

cibeles ten Carlos Díez, in Cibeles Madrid Fashion WeekThe from Bilbao designer Carlos Díez bet for the laminated gabardines and the neopreno for the parade in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, the whole scale of blacks combined with blue, green and yellow very alive.

The unclassifiable and eccentric Díez designs broke molds as for the proposals with conforman his new collection autumn - winter 09/10, outfits dared with capricious forms, which were from wide pledges to pleated, geometric and even organic.

His androgynous creations could turn both in women and in men, models that remained completely covered by wide and long pledges where the yellow one was the predominant tone. Heads decked with perukes and smooth textiles or with pattern of camouflage filled the footbridge for delight of more transgressors.

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Agate Ruiz de la Prada in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

agata2 Agate Ruiz de la Prada in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Faithful to his coloristic and bold style that has opened the international doors to him. Homage to Yves Saint Laurent with the election of tones that we associate with the collections Saint Laurent. All the colors of the rainbow were in the footbridge, feature that Ruiz de la Prada popularized to Agate.

One of his must in this collection autumn / winter 2009-2010 has been his cloth quilted in lacquer of different tones. A designer who was usually betting for the volumes we have surprised, in this occasion, with skirts pipe over the knee. To keep on reading ↓

Toni Francesc in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

toni11 Toni Francesc in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Toni Francesc has wanted with “Contemplations“ (name of the collection) to offer a metaphysical vision of the fashion. A crushing abstinence has filled the footbridge, the black has been the soul of the collection. Models brushed with the left side like women and for the right side like men, it is a paradox of the life.

In the collection of autumn / winter 2009 of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Toni dares with the miscellany of textiles, the blacks' contrast on blacks thanks to the level one, the dense averages, all this made under architectural bosses. Volume the pleated skirts and pants of waist, even a hybrid of both, pants behind and skirt ahead. Everything costs. To keep on reading ↓

Juana Martín in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

whore Juana Martín in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

This woman is admirable, Juana Martín has not studied I nor design, not seam, not not related at all to the fashion. It is self-educated. From kidling he has known how to represent the ideas that it had in the head, it was doing the suits to his dolls. She is an artist with all the letters, she manages to realize authentic works of art.

The autumn / winter 2009 parade has split into three parts, in each of them a color was reigning. It opened the black color like protagonist, to continue blue night (a dark color, but it illuminates the skin) and finally we surprised with the absolute presence of gray silver. To keep on reading ↓

Ann Locking in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

ana9 Ann Locking in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

The wives of Ann Locking prefer the blacks, golden and gray. A good combination of the same ones they color pants, garments, blouses and jackets. A masculinity air in the pledges that contrast with his way of marking the curves of the females. The tuxedo is a protagonist so much in us as in the man.

Exact pants, shirts of sleeve lantern with spouts bring us over to the barroquismo of a Gothic woman. Garments and blouses with volume, it gives place to an exaggeration in the forms. Suits and skirts that gather all the possible frills. To keep on reading ↓

Javier Larrainzar in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

larrainzar1 Javier Larrainzar in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Javier Larrainzar bets for the colors ground and pastries, in contrast to them presented by most of his partners of profession. The designer dresses this period to a feminine and sophisticated woman, to the last one in tendencies. Real women who come to the office and need models adapted for the meetings that arise every day.

A sure election has been that of the color eggplant, although the risk turned into wise move has been the combination of the same one with the yellow one. Shirts in stamped silk of big volumes with asymmetric necklines. Straight skirts to the waist that come to the knee, accompanied by boots of high cane with inlaid spangles. To keep on reading ↓

Nicolas Vaudelet y Lourdes Coterón, rewarded in Cibeles

I reward loreal Nicolas Vaudelet y Lourdes Coterón, rewarded in Cibeles

The designer Nicolas Vaudelet, with his collection ‘Bandits‘ created for the signature ‘The horse’, and the Spanish model Lourdes Coterón there have been the winners of the award that L'Oreal grants to the best collection and to the best model in this one 49 an edition of the footbridge Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.

The Awards L'Oreal, which were presented by the model Martina Klein, suppose an economic compensation for 6.000 euros for each of the prizewinners. For Nicolás Vaudelet this is his second participation in the footbridge of Madrid representing to the mark The Horse, along with which he has signed a whole of four collaborations. For his part, the Valencian model Lourdes Coterón, had been recognized previously with the award after the best model in the Week of the Fashion of Valencia. To keep on reading ↓

Maria Barros in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

maria muds 012 266x400 Maria Barros in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Maria Barros has made debut in the footbridge of Madrid with a collection devoted to Loïe Fuller, an American ballerina that visual effects across the use of textiles that were receiving and exaggerating the movement of the same one. The collection Loïe of autumn / winter 2009-2010, we surprise with colors that they represent the nature.

Maria Barros is born in Corunna on January 27, 1980, moves to Madrid to study in the European Institute I gave Desing of Madrid, in this period his professional trajectory begins in Chain and Modestly and Lomba. In 2000 it moves to Milan to reach his studies and realizes the thesis guided by one of the most important figures of the fashion in Italy and the world, Franc Sozzani (director of Vogue Italy). To keep on reading ↓

Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

pigeon lake Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

For the second year in a row, the fans of the fashion we could have enjoyed the footbridge Cibeles thanks to the Antenna coverage 3. After the harvested results the previous period, the chain of Planet trusts again in the big appointment of the Spanish fashion.

In an initiative without precedents in the national television, the chain has dedicated a special programming dedicated to one of the most important events for the followers of the last tendencies. The coverage of the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2009 has been realized in Antenna Nongoes, one of the channels of TDT of Antenna 3, and in Internet, in addition to some connections for programs like ‘Public Mirror’. To keep on reading ↓

Olive Juanjo in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

juanjo1 Juanjo Oliva in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Olive Juanjo is my favorite designer. Me each of his pledges go crazy and much more the presented in this edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. If in spring / summer 2009 it bewildered all of us with a collection based on the volume and on the clear colors like the beige, in this occasion he has won the love of us with an overwhelming black.

A collection based on the black, abstinence on the footbridge, and game with the complements. Dark garments to which they accompany enormous hats of the same color. Since in many other designers we have seen as Juanjo presents us to an extremely feminine woman, pronounced waists and volume in hips. In another moment of the parade we see dressmakings in the same tone and very similar forms with brooches and backstitches in gilding.

Faithful to his style, the designer has seen the need to color the spectacle. Take in silk and gasas that illuminate an edition which indisputable protagonist has been the black a color fetish of many, for not saying, most of the women. Electrical blue, strawberry or green have been the strokes of color of Olive. To keep on reading ↓

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