Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Juana Martín

juana1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Juana Martín

The movie ‘The time of the gypsies”, of the Serbian film maker Emir Kusturika, is the starting point of the new collection of the designer Juana Martín. The Andalusian seamstress, after studying the work of the brilliant director, remained prendada for the portrait that does this one of the gypsy community of Yugoslavia, and served to him like inspiration for his new fashionable line.

The parade of Juana Martín in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week has been marked by the ethnic Kusturika universe, reflecting in his pledges for the next spring - summer the passional and magic spirit of the gypsies of the southeast of Europe. The proposal of the designer speaks to a woman with very much character and forces, with creations that heighten the features and the feminine curves.

juana2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Juana Martín

The wife of Juana Martín is very feminine and it radiates safety in itself. Juana dresses her in pledges of very much flight and movement, like the garments of holiday, that appear short and with wide volumes. The garments for the summer become long, with frills and certain air hippie

The color covers with stars of the collection of Juana Martín it is the yellow one, which appears in version mocolor or being part of floral patterns. Also, also they have fitted the clearest tones, like the pink stick and mallow.

Juana Martín is praised by the use of natural materials like cottons, which are dyed of colors of the ground. The Andalusian seamstress also gives leading role to the black clothes, where they predominate over the level ones and the spangles.

Image: Vogue

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