Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Guillermina Baeza

guillermina1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Guillermina Baeza

The designer Guillermina Baeza has presented his new fashionable bath collection in the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, an elegant parade and of character retro with the one that it honors to the decade of the 20s. The decade in which the history of the fashion changed forever, supposing the liberation of the feminine body, inspires the seamstress to create a collection of soft and very favoring forms.

As in the happy years 20, the clothes of the woman stop being static and rigid, to pass to a fashion desencorsetada and that thinks about how to highlight the feminine body. Guillermina recaptures of this decade pledges retro like the bikinis of high size or the 'coulottes'.

guillermina2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Guillermina Baeza

Baeza is praised by swim suits of two pieces with panties of high waist, which it combines with mini braguitas, for the most bold. A collection in which also it has fitted the mdoernos triquinis, the bikinis of ‘bandeau‘ or the parts of arrina of asymmetric cut.

The designer is praised by textures like the cotton, the lycra, the poplin, the flexible organza or the microfibres. The target and the black sound the predominant colors of this collection, in which Guillermina also introduces acidic tones as orange or the yellow one or psychedelic patterns.

Image: YoDonna

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